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Your Quiz Result


You have a “Transmitter” secondary, a Creator/Transmitter in my system. Your right role is the Innovator.

Sometimes you don’t even know how you know. When your hands are moving, and you are solving a problem, or exploring a system, it’s like you are channeling a whole new paradigm of understanding into that existing system.

People might call you a wizard sometimes. Whereas most creators are kind of straight-lined analytical, you are weaving in the subtle realms of energy, light, and vibration. You are noticing all of it. You feel your creations.

You may feel that you don’t belong in either world sometimes. You’re too systems-conscious to be lost in the woods, and you’re not always “open-minded” to other people’s unfounded beliefs. But you’re definitely a sensitive tuned-in kind of person, who is constantly weaving the world of mystery into your creations.