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Genius Revealing

Reveal your true self, your guides, your path, your genius, and a potent clearing, all in one day. This is for Personal Clarity, not focused on business.

On Your Special Day Together, Mellissa will reveal your:

Get the clarity you’ve been longing for, all in one magical day!
Map of Genius Incarnate
Rings of personal development

In one day, you’ll have clarity.

The VIP Genius Revealing VIP Day

For $9,950, you’ll receive all of this plus, the recordings and a full written report on this life-changing day.

The VIP Genius Revealing Session is only $9,500.
You’ll spend a day with Mellissa via Zoom and receive a full report that outlines your gifts, your purpose, and the potent clearing you receive on this life-changing day.


How does it work?


The first part of your session
reveals your deepest gifts, your soul’s purpose, your life purpose, and who you are truly here for. You end up with a clear understanding of your deepest self, and your life’s path.


The next part...
is a profound clearing session, deeper than you’ve likely experienced before. Since your core purpose was just revealed, your self-sabotage patterning “lights up” for Mellissa to see, track, and clear from the very root, once and for all.


after you are feeling clear on all levels with your own expertise and soul’s calling, Mellissa answers your questions until you are completely satisfied, and aligned with your deepest purpose. You’ll know your next best steps, your ideal focus, and what the next chapter is bringing in the path of your soul. There is nothing more enriching, satisfying, and important than knowing your own soul’s purpose and path.

This is your invitation to finally know your own soul, your own purpose, and your own path.

Clear the way.
Give your Gifts

Clear the way.
Give your Gifts

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