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learn the 5 mystery school masteries you need to stay clear, energized, and valued in the world.

Finally, a fun online program for healing and training designed just for Transmitters, with Mellissa Seaman.

Are you a Transmitter?

You are designed to radiate the healing and evolution this world needs now.  But it’s impossible to do that when you are gunked up, abandoned, drained, exhausted, and invisible.

Did you learn you’re a Transmitter on the Soul Gift Quiz? Or maybe you just relate with being a gifted sensitive empathic person?

Regardless, until you master the 5 Transmitter Masteries, you walk around feeling everyone’s everything, and it weighs you down, overwhelms you, and leaves you feeling crappy.  

I'm dedicated to empowering the Transmitters, so y'all can enlighten the world!

I’ve been teaching Transmitters and sensitives the art of energy management, personal empowerment, and spiritual business strategy for the past 20 years.  The 5 Masteries I share in this course are the same ones I’ve taught to billionaire Silicon Valley founders, million-dollar business owners, moms, healers, and world-class artists who, like you, are Transmitters.

These 5 Masteries make life so much easier for sensitive empaths, even the ones who have already been studying personal development for a long time.

  • What if you could stay grounded, clear, and focused with your gifts for the rest of your life?
  • What if you never had another day where your sensitivities wiped you out and took you down?
  • What if you could feel like you belong, like you’re seen and valued, like you can finally relax and do what you came here to do?

Learn the 5 Masteries:

You may have learned some of these arts elsewhere, but these are more clear, non-dogmatic, and systemized than you’ve likely encountered.  They are designed to work for busy people in a busy world.  They are the essential masteries that, once you have them, allow you to steward your deep Transmitter gifts confidently, happily, and with integrity.  Past students give this course an average of 5 out of 5 stars in post-class reviews.  You’ll see their feedback farther down on this page.


  • Clear all 3 layers of your energy body of others’ worry, rage, and fear.
  • Focalize the power of your Gift so it benefits you as well as others.
  • Learn the map of clarity so your 3 layers stop infecting each other.


  • Get clear information you can use from your Guides.
  • Organize your guides into a team with a system that works.
  • Integrate this system with your own way, so it is personal and fun.


  • Feel secure, confident, and stable in your own energy, even in crazy times.
  • Protect yourself without being armored, defensive, or isolated.
  • Repel energy-sucking people, and attract people who give to you.


  • Speak of your special gifts in ways that even normal folk understand.
  • Learn how to position yourself in your natural gifted expertise.
  • Feel safe allowing yourself to be seen, supported, and valued.


  • Understand which special self-care is necessary for you.
  • Receive acknowledgement and rewards in right exchange for your gift.
  • Allow yourself to be valued and even paid for the precious energies you share.

NOTE: Transmitter Empowerment is not a school of indoctrination.  You will learn the 5 Masteries in a way you can personalize for your own practice and way.

Join us in Transmitter Empowerment
*** Special End of Year Offer before Year of Transformation ***

YOU GET this class experience, plus a PRIVATE READING with Mellissa in a Group Clarity Call for only $297!

This is a limited time offer to make this direct help available for gifted sensitives, empaths, and Transmitters before the beginning of an important transformational year.

Mellissa has some other amazing online courses, too.  Her Wisdom Mentorship is $497/month which includes private tune-ups, and her 4-hour long business-and-life-revealing VIP Session is $10,950.  And these courses have lifted a lot of Transmitters step up into creating the life and business of their dreams with step-by-step clearing and instruction, guidance and coaching.  

And this course, Transmitter Empowerment, has sold for $497 in the past – providing life-changing awakening, clearing, and deep empowerment.

Today, you can have it for $297, including the personalized reading, saving over $500!

Right now, the world is at a turning point.  And we need Transmitters empowered now more than EVER. So Mellissa is following her intuitive hit to make this class more available and accessible than EVER before, reducing the price more than 50%, and adding a private mini-reading, so you can save over $500!

What You Get...

Your one year of access includes:
  • Video lessons with Mellissa are engaging, fun, and palpable healing experiences.
  • Worksheets help you take efficient action towards achieving mastery in each area.
  • Clearings help you get the gunk out of the way once and for all, so you can feel confident and clear in your special gifts.
  • Practices are simple, fun, and customizable to your own way.  They create results fast, and can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • Checklists help you track your progress so you’ll never feel lost or dropped.
  • Community of other Transmitters on the journey will uplift you, support you, and encourage you too.  You don’t have to walk this path alone!

PLUS – You get the private mini-reading with Mellissa in a Group Clarity Session.  This session alone is worth more than the price offered here.

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