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Transmitter’s Mastery 2: Guidance – Leveraging your Invisible Team

Most Transmitters feel guided at some level, whether by subtle intuitive hits, or through their bodies’ feedback.  But when this guidance is not organized, clarified, and empowered with a Team system, it is inconsistent, and sometimes even contradictory.  This leaves Transmitters feeling misguided, lost, overwhelmed, and alone in the universe.  The mystery schools of various traditions would provide a SYSTEM for organizing and relating with spirit guidance.  In a modern culture, it is up to each Transmitter to curate their own ideal system for organizing and co-creating with guidance.  In this episode, Mellissa introduces the simple steps to creating your own organizing system for relating with your guidance. This allows you to feel constantly supported, lovingly guided by sources you trust, and to feel confident in every decision you  make.  This is an episode in a series introducing the work of Mellissa’s course, Transmitter Empowerment which is a deeper dive into this work.

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Subtle Guidance 
  • Creating Systems
  • Invisible Team
  • Achieving Clarity
  • Spirit Guides

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