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Clearing and Clarity Series

Personal revealing over 3 months that will leave you forever changed, more confident, more aligned, and free from old blocks that bound you.

In six private sessions that create clearing and clarity:

  • Discover your unique gifts through the Genius Revealer.
  • Receive effortless clearing through three Profound Shamanic Healing sessions with Mellissa.
  • Understand your gifts, your path, and WHY things happen with three potent Readings with Mellissa.
  • Finally feel lighter, freer, and more confident living your unique gifts.
  • 3-Phase Business Plan
  • CLEAR your self-sabotage.

Clearing and Clarity 6 Session Series...

Understand your own gifts, talents, and genius so you focus on what your soul came here to do.
Enjoy the inside view Mellissa reveals for you – futurist visioning, revelations that ring true about all aspects of your life – health, relationships, business, and pleasure.
Clear the stubborn blocks that have been keeping you confused, mis-directed, drained or struggling.
Give yourself the clarity, clearing, and confidence you’ve been waiting for.
Have ongoing, deep and profound contact with expert support that bridges the worlds, so you can stay clear, focused, and empowered to live your most meaningful, productive, and impactful life, creating a legacy of profound value.

Are you ready to feel clear, free, and confident of your path?

Sign up for the Clarity and Clearing Series now and SAVE over $3000 when you invest in this series of sessions at only $7,500!

How does it work?


First, you sign up!

The first thing you will do is sign up for your series, and that investment will open the door for the work to begin. You may notice shifts even before your first session. The fee is currently $7500, a savings of over $3,000.

Next... Genius Revealer!

You'll be given access to the Genius Revealer, a mini-course that will guide through revealing your primary and secondary soul gifts, your Right Role, your purpose and natural expertise, and your genius type.

Schedule your sessions

Then we will schedule your six sessions, in alignment with the moon phases and laying out over the next three months.

During your sessions...

Your sessions will alternate between profound shamanic healing sessions with full written reports of the healing, clearing, and messages received for you, and video-call sessions where you'll receive both clearing and clarifying intuitive readings live from Mellissa.

Because of the intensity of support, and the energetic outlay for each series, Mellissa can take on no more than 3-4 series clients every quarter. This is a beautiful and intense journey of clearing and discovery, guided by Mellissa, such that you can receive effortless clearing and clarity!

Register for your Clearing and Clarity Series Now, and let's get started!

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