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Abundance - Why the tricks don't work


Where does abundance really come from? Where does that feeling of total relaxation into plenty stem from?  What will it take for you to feel totally cared for, supported, and abundantly resourced?

Many schools say it comes from your mind. Claim the right thoughts, and you will become more abundant. Mindset is cool, yes.

Others say it comes from your service. Align with the right service, and you will draw money more easily. Hey, I’m a niche witch, so I totally get the importance of this too, sure.

Some say it comes directly from spirit. If you can envision it, pray for it, align with the highest potential reality, then you can literally download your reality of abundance.  OK this one only works if you’ve really nailed the previous ones, including the one we aren’t talking about…

Yes. I say all of these are skipping the most important part. I say the first step is also the most important. I say it is the foundation for all these other techniques to work.  And it is not getting spoken of in the “Abundance” category except for some very wise somatic wisdom keepers. (Resmaa Menakem for example)

Mellissa kneeling with prayer hands

The first and most important part of feeling abundance is landing fully in your body. It is learning to be calm, open, and present. It is being able to ground yourself in the present moment, in this meat suit of yours, and in the natural world that surrounds you.

If your body is out of whack, or if you are in big pain emotionally or physically, you are not easily going to practice the “law of attraction.“  You are not in your center, so you can’t really serve to create money in exchange. Not easily, anyway. And if you are out of alignment in your embodiment, out of touch with your nature and the nature around you, then you better not trust too many of the spirit messages that come to you. They are likely to be fanciful notions and ungrounded shenanigans.  That’s because they are all resting on a foundation of anxiety, avoidance, and disembodied thought.

Very simply, when it comes to creating abundance, It starts in your body. It starts in your physical calm. It begins with your breath, your nerves, your ability to bring your spirit into your body fully.

I think that’s why our life starts with our physical embodiment, our birth. The first initiations you experienced in this life were your conception (you wanting to embody) and your birth (your spirit coming fully into this body, into this world.) 

Unfortunately, our modern culture tries to skip over this piece. We like to go straight to the mental aspects which are developed through the things we encounter in our childhood. We learn how to learn. We learn how to listen. And hopefully we learn how to make her own choices.  Or worse, we try to skip over all of it to become “visionaries” without creating a grounded reality first.  Here, let me lay out the natural progression of these initiations into abundance and creative power, and how they start with embodiment!

In childhood, we practice with our mind – our imagination as well as our intellect. We use them together to solve problems and make our own decisions. This is where we have the opportunity to find positive thoughts that create abundance. But again, if you never felt welcome in this world, never felt like you belong to this body, then that makes it very hard to find positive thoughts that create abundance.

When we are teenagers, we become activated in our co-creative sexual power. This is your vitality force with which you activate your desires, and manifest actions and effects in the real world. Again, though, if you hate your body, resent being here, and can’t calm and direct those fiery vital forces of puberty, they are likely to do damage instead of good.  You may have noticed some of this with teens – wheeee!

And then there are the adulthood initiations that have to do with finding our purpose and our right role for service (a.k.a. job or biz) in our world. Yes, you can find a service to give that will get you paid. But will it create abundance? You tell me… 😉

I think you’re starting to get the idea here. Our life passages happen in order. The foundational embodiment part is supposed to show us how to be here fully, how to be relaxed in these bodies, enthusiastic about life. Without that foundation, the other cool tricks we have for creating abundance just don’t work.

That’s why when I take someone through the Life Passage rite healing process, we address each one in order.  It’s also why a big part of my work is clearing old blocks. Whether I’m in a business strategy session with someone, or helping them open their intuitive visionary genius, we find the foundational block that’s in the way of letting them use all their other tools.  We can’t build on a wobbly foundation.  

But the good news is, that wobbly foundation can be repaired without tearing the whole building down!  That is the wonder of the profound healing work we can do when it is at the soul level.

And make no mistake, even the most enlightened activated and brilliant people have cracks in this all important foundation. I am grateful that I was taught how to utilize life‘s initiations to effectuate swift profound and permanent healing of what we thought we would “just have to live with it forever.“  I continue to use these steps on myself, with the support of my own teachers, even as I share them with my clients.

So before you berate yourself for not being able to manifest everything you want using all the cool tools, give yourself some attention in this present moment. Find a way to go back to what is foundational, to what is blocking you from being here fully and loving this life. From there, all those tools you’ve been practicing with will begin working.  

And if you want some support with this, let me know.  It’s what I do.d

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