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Let’s talk about why artists are undercover shamans.

I hate to admit it. Because I’m a creative, a self proclaimed dancer, an out-of-the-box thinker, and a big fan of the arts. But there is still a snooty intellectual part of me that snipes at art as something extra, a folly for my spare time, the product of self centered self pleasing time wasting.

I mean, it makes sense. My whole life I have been trained and oriented towards achieving measurable goals. Getting straight A’s. Getting stuff done. No one ever pressured me to paint, to dance, to arrange beautiful things for the sheer sake of pleasure and expression.

Except Spirit. Spirit is always bugging me to express myself freely with color and pleasure and delight. So I do so, sometimes with a tinge of guilt. Sometimes I make myself earn it. I have to check the things off my list before I can relax and create. Yes, I struggle with the tyranny of a go-getter’s mind!

But guess what? As soon as I relax and create my most brilliant work comes through.  I am more magnetic, more abundant, and, well, a more open channel.

This has been reflected in the incredible world-changing VIP clients who have come into my life in the last five years. In addition to some rockin’ intuitive biz folk. There’ve been quite a few professional artists.  A few in the fine arts world. A few in the tech design world.  A few in the performing arts world, and a film/TV star here and there.

And as I work with these professional arts folk, I realize…

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Artists are natural “undercover shamans” with the power to bridge the worlds, and emanate powerful healing and beauty through their work.


Here I’ve got a couple of examples for you.

There was the innovative designer who worked at the top level of a famous tech company named after a fruit. Truly, he was an artist. His ability to build things of simple elegance built his first company to a very high-level, and then once we started working together, he had the big guys were courting him, landing him, and lifting him to the highest levels of influence designing stuff that billions of people (and probably you) hold in our hands every day.

Although he had gone to great schools, and was clearly a genius of high intellect (aka a smartypants as I term it), it was his unbounded creative channel that made him a world class genius.

Working with him and others opened me to the truth. Art is so much more than my condescending over-intellectual side says. Art is not just about appearance. Artistry is the harmonizing of energies that creates a profound connection between the thing and the person using/viewing it.

This guy’s work with art was also opening him intuitively to collaborate with spirit directly, through his guides, through his dreams, through his visions. I was able to support him as a translator so he could unpack these visions in more Technicolor detail, and leverage them to design world-changing products.

I was able to hold space as a healer to clear the blocks he had to seeing and collaborating with these forces directly. And after a couple of years of working together, he was bringing through innovations directly from spirit both for his company and for his side projects which were deeply awake, aware, and of profound healing importance.

Hey, he’s an inspired genius.  He was doing amazing work long before I arrived.  But he credited our work together for his unleveling on many levels.  And I can’t even tell you how fulfilling it is to work with someone that I know has that level of impact.

In the last couple of years, an incredible world-class painter has been engaging with me in the life initiations work that I offer. Again, she’s not only a world class artist, art professor, and show designer, but she is also quite a genius intellect in my opinion in the eyes of everyone who knows her. She’s also a sweet humble incredible person I’ve come to respect and love deeply.

I’ve learned so much working with her. Again I’ve been shown that no matter how brilliant we are, how educated, how gifted in the realms of communication, these rites of passage are game changers. Healing the foundational layers that underpin our confidence, our security in the world, and our connection to spirit and happiness… this healing makes things possible that we never dreamed could be.

I have the distinct pleasure and honor of witnessing this genius artist expanding in all areas of her life. I am awed by the ease with which her inspiring work is birthed now, the confidence and clarity she holds in relationships, the magic that flows through her, and how her work is being received and lifted throughout the world. Wowza.

And the power of her pictures. They are portals that inspire, lift up, and heal the viewer. And that’s why they are in high demand and selling for 4x what they were when we started working together and rising rapidly and globally.  She is a freaking rockstar.

Oh yes, artists bring innovation through beauty. Through shape, color, texture, and the ineffable radiance of the work, their creations become the medicine this world needs now.

In a modern techno-enchanted culture, it is easy to forget the deep and moving magic that our artists provide.

Why do I use the word “shaman” to describe these artists? Well, if a shaman is one who bridges spirit and earth, I do believe our best artists, artisans, and designers are opening a portal for us to not only feel that connection, but to create it in our own lives. They are not going to name themselves as such.  But those of us who feel this power know that it should not be denigrated to the realms of folly or hobby. Art is power.  Art is the embodiment of love and beauty.  Art is medicine. Hence why artists are undercover shamans.

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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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