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Menopause means Wired for WISDOM Leadership

You’re not turning into an Old Lady.
You’re maturing into a Wise Woman.
And we need your full leadership
To turn this ship around.

As I prepare to lead Pleasure and Purpose: A Wise Woman Initiation Retreatlater in August,
I’ve been blowing my own mind as my guides are revealing what “Menopause” really is.
I’ve been tapping the wisdom of my own elders and mentors, going deeper and deeper.
I’ve been unveiling a new way of looking at “aging” for women.

And I’ve been realizing that the type of Leadership that we naturally step into as we grow into elders…
It’s the type of Leadership the world NEEDS now to turn this ship around. Inclusive, wise, compassionate leadership. Leadership that includes Nature and all the things that truly matter.

Older Women Lead Better.
Because we have unique qualities that are not only hard-won through experience, but they are also the result of the natural hormonal alchemy of menopause.
Check this out…

Five Qualities of Wise Woman Leadership

Dignity – deeply calm rooted confidence.
Non-judgemental Love – the product of wisdom through experience.
Listening Wisdom – taking it all in, because she’s learned there’s no one right answer.
Unshakable voice – giving zero fucks, and speaking it like it is.
Profound Connection – from living through life’s initiations, she’s become deeply connected- to self, to nature, to spirit, to human family.

These qualities are available and natural to older women.  Of course many elders are wounded, suffering, and not expressing these natural qualities.  But I believe this is why we need to tend our women, listen deeply, and provide healing.

While we are (finally) placing more mature women in leadership across the globe, we are still far behind what is needed.  And we are still pressuring our women leaders to express qualities are leadership that are more masculine, competitive, and emotionless.  So we are missing out.  Big time.

I’d go so far as to say this…

Mature wise women are the greatest untapped source of wisdom, grace, and power on the planet.

I recently did a podcast episode where I share more about these five leadership qualities that are profound in wise elder women.

In the podcast, I also reveal the seven archetypes of Wise  Women Leadership that I’m still working to further develop.  Come over and listen to this 20 minute talk.  If you liked this article, you’ll LOVE the podcast episode.

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