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On today’s podcast, Mellissa is talking about the hidden archetypes of an elder woman and how they are necessary active participants in our healing culture. She discusses how we are in a world that needs deep feminine wisdom that comes from lived experience more than ever before.

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • The truth that is not being talked about in our culture
  • 5 qualities of leadership you only get through menopause
  • 7 Wise Woman Leadership types that are blessing our world

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  • So powerful Mellissa! Thank you – your archetypes are so very real – I can visualize them in vivid detail and feel connected to each one.
    In fact, I think Wise Women have a bit of each inside (some more visible and louder than others). I’m realizing that it’s now my turn to listen to each one that’s inside of me more deeply – I have a lot to learn.
    Thank you also for illuminating the qualities of Wise Women Leadership – your description of the Profound Connection was an ah ha moment for me and provided the missing piece in my WDYD statement!

  • Beth Miller says:

    I loved everything about this podcast! I am so glad that someone is speaking to you and for the menopausal woman. Thank you Melissa, for sharing your wisdom. And I wholeheartedly agree that the mature feminine is what is called for in these times.

  • Russel John says:

    Wow.. Thank you. Self care just got Schooled finally, lol. It will get easier I know this . But you are right. There must be wise woman leadership, her patients and wisdom to not to hold hands , but to guide I see and hear what u have got to say. I’m sorry it took me this long.

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