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Are you are offering mind body spirit sales? Deep work that touches all layers? Profound healing and awareness that transforms people for the better?

Well then, your sales calls should also be a transformative healing experience for yourself and your potential clients. There’s nothing more disjointed than a holistic wisdom keeper who turns into a slick pushy salesman during the decision-making process, or a weak excuse-making wimp.  Does not inspire confidence.

What’s worse, however, is the fact that so many heart-centered business owners avoid sales conversations all together, just because they don’t want to be “that guy.”

Good news. There is a way to handle sales conversations that engages the mind body and spirit in a healing and empowering way for both you and your potential client, whether that person decides to work with you or not.

This special way of approaching a sales conversation is not for muggles. It requires an ability to track invisible aspects of yourself and your client. It requires deep empathy. It requires some good boundaries and interpersonal skills. Lucky for you, that’s all the stuff you’ve been studying and developing as a wisdom keeper! Yay!

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OK so I go into more detail HERE in my podcast episode, but the gist is this… In any sales conversation between two people, there are actually six personality subtypes involved. Three for each of you. In yourself, you will notice that in addition to your clear-minded choosing grownup self, there is also the voice of your inner child. Your little one inside is scared of rejection, abandonment.  And when you are not tracking your own inner child’s neediness and fear, it comes across as desperate needy pushiness during your sales conversations. (oops)

Managing your own inner child when you are holding leadership in a sales conversation is critical. It’s what holds you in integrity with proper boundaries.  It’s what keeps the sales conversation CLEAN and not icky, salesy, needy, or slimy.

In addition to your little one, because you’re one tuned-in turkey, you are aware of your higher self. This is your big spirit which sees beyond this physical world, and can speak also to the higher self spirit part of this potential client too. Yes.  Collaborate directly with your higher self. Collaborate directly with THEIR spirit too.  Stay humble, stay devoted to the highest good above all, and you’ll be a good collaborator with the “other” commitment conversation that’s happening spirit to spirit!  You don’t want to get up in their business, giving them some psychic reading unless you ask first.  But you can sense their higher self, and ask their guides if this is the right fit for them, if they are open to telling you.

As you can imagine, your potential client’s inner child is also present in every sales conversation. That tender part of them is scared about making another commitment, trusting another leader, making a change in their own life.  So here’s where you get to use your deep empathy and compassion.  First, take care of your OWN little kid, so you are not wobbly, needy, or grabby. Then, be with them through their fears, their worries, their gremlins.  Help them hold their kid through this scary conversation.  Answer the kid’s concerns.  Don’t be offended if the kid doesn’t trust you yet. Be compassionate.  (Like you do.)

Basically, a compassionate sales conversation is one where you’re ALREADY coaching/guiding/supporting them – in this decision of whether to invest with you.  Do it with all the love, integrity, and clarity with which you provide the other stuff you do!

When you are practicing what I call mind body spirit sales conversations, you are aware of all three parts of yourself, and all three parts of your potential client. The inner child that is scared and needs to be sued. The higher self that is aware of the best and highest choice. And the conscious grown-up chooser who is the one making the decision, informed by the other two pieces, as to whether this investment is the right fit.

I know this might sound like a lot to track. But a sales conversation is not just a strategic persuasive chat to figure out if you get some money. That’s how old school mainstream biz does it.  And we are OVER it.

A sales conversation is the transformative and empowering space that allows both of you to discover your right relationship. It can provide the critical clarity that is needed to create the foundation for a sacred agreement that will be profound and healing for both of you. When the sales conversation is done correctly, you have a solid foundation for your working relationship. When it is done with reverence and commitment to the highest good, involvement of the higher selves, it is also the foundation for a sacred partnership with spirit throughout your engagement together.

Hey, I don’t blame you if you’re nervous about holding integrity in the sales process. It is a good challenge. And we do have to stay on top of our inner kid’s shenanigans to stay in the center of our integrity.

And I know no one else is teaching this in this way.

The whole thing gets easier when you have a system to follow, a coach to guide you, and a community to hold you as you find mastery in this important practice.

I’m right here if you’d like me to be that person for you.

Listen to my podcast episode on this Sacred sales practice to get more information on how you can track these six perspectives to create sales conversations that offer healing, transformation, and empowerment for both of you, whether a sale is the right end result or not.

If you are committed to growing your business this year with integrity, connection to spirit, and profound abundance flowing from your soul’s gifts, please feel invited to take my Work With Me survey here, and open our own compassionate exploration of whether I’m the right person to support you!

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