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Stay centered in the storm with a BIG PIG!

Have you noticed?  The “weather” has been stormy, unpredictable, and sometimes rough. And I’m not just talking about the external weather. We sensitive energetic folk have noticed that our internal weather has been stormy too!  Astrologers and cosmologists can give you lots of reasons for this.  But today I’m going to give you my BEST simple tool for weathering the internal storminess so you can feel happier, clearer, and more grounded.

Oh yes there’s a lot of energetic storminess right now! Many of my clients are reporting feeling unexpected changes on the daily. Some days they can’t hardly get out of bed, feeling inexplicably weak or exhausted. Other days, the mood swings send them into resentful bratty attacks, only to suddenly land in a quiet calm again. (OK I admit I’ve been riding this storm too!) Some of my clients are experiencing dizziness and vertigo. Others are experiencing headaches that come and go.  And this stuff is weird, unpredictable, and hard to understand, track and manage.

Melissa on a bed with a rose

And then there’s the etheric cloudiness.  For us seers and spirit people, we’ve noticed that certain things that used to be easy to read, to forecast, and to track energetically are now fuzzy, seemingly off-limits to our intuitive gifts.  We can’t see!  We can’t future forecast. We can kind of feel the next day or two, but it’s harder these days to forecast seasonally like we usually can.  Stormy.

I’ve been learning with my Shima (my indigenous teacher auntie adopted mom) Maria Yraceburu. She tracks the earth changes and the changing energetic climate according to her system that was passed down through her family for generations. She describes this time as a sort of creative void, where structures and assumptions of the past have dissolved, leaving us in a state of unknowing. She maps this to the electromagnetic changes of the earth, the poles, the grid of lay lines, and the portals that are opening on the planet as power spots to help everything evolve.  (Yes indigenous cosmologies have been tracking this stuff for eons.

From listening to my teachers, sitting with my guides, tracking my clients, and exploring in my own life, I’ve been navigating these storms, creating systems to help others navigate them that I share with students and clients. Today, I’m going to share a really useful one that you can do every day to stay calm, clear, and sane through these storms and the ones that are coming.

As Maria says, if we are not starting our day with some simple practice to get us grounded and centered, then the rest of the day is probably going to feel like you are inside of a dryer for the tumble cycle

Here is a simple morning practice that I use. It is just about the easiest most lazy morning practice you could possibly have. That’s why I like it. Also, it works.


Yep, I call this simple but super magical morning practice “BIG PIG.“   Each letter stands for a step in the process.

B stands for Breathe. 

When I wake up, while I’m still laying in bed, I take a few conscious breaths and imagine filling myself with my own energy, and releasing any energies I don’t need anymore.

I stands for Invocation. 

It’s how I invoke or call in the good stuff! I welcome my guides in (or you might imagine surrounding yourself with light, angels, or whatever represents the good guidance and blessings). I acknowledge the elementals of this land where I live. I ask the trees and the critters and all my relations to harmonize with me, to help me harmonize with them.  I ask my whole invisible team to give me as much support as is in the highest good to achieve my purpose and service in the world today, while feeling great and enjoying life. 

G stands for gratitude. 

I take a few moments to think about all the things I feel so grateful for.

And that’s BIG!

Now for PIG…

P stands for pre-program my day. 

I briefly think about the things that I plan to do and experience on this day, and I imagine them happening with grace and ease. I imagine the best possible experience and outcomes for my day. It feels like I’m pre-programming my day with my intention and optimism.

I stands for Intention. 

I set a one-word overriding intention for my day. This word will be my mantra and guiding principle as I walk through my day. I pick a different one for each day, and let it color my experience.

G stands for gratitude. 

Yes, again! I flood myself with the feeling of gratitude for everything in my life. As I get up for the day, I am doing so while flooded with gratitude.

This whole process that I called BIG PIG lasts maybe 10 minutes. I do it while I’m just laying there, and it feels great. 

I can definitely tell the difference between the days where I take this moment, and when I don’t. And if I feel rushed for time, I can usually get through the entire BIG PIG process in just a few minutes. It still does a lot for preparing me for a great day.  

Your morning practice can be this swift and easy.  And it can help you move through the current times of tumult with grace and ease!

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