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Your Visionary Genius is what makes you miraculous. At a low level of Visionary Genius, you have inspiring visions and dreams. They are certainly inspiring to you, and probably inspiring to some others as well. You are tapping into the world of potential.  You may even feel you are traveling through a different dimension to download visions of possibility, and possibly of the future.

But when you have a higher level of Visionary Genius you become a confident conscious co-creator with the invisible realms of power. You are able to communicate in an easy and useful way with spirit, whether you see spirit as spirit guides, angels, inter-dimensional sources of wisdom, or the creator herself. When your Visionary Genius is fully activated, you can speak to spirit as easily as you are speaking to your partner sitting next to you in the car. And the wisdom, visions, and power that flow in that conversation are life-changing.

When you are fully activated in your visionary genius, you’ve got a red-phone to God. And with that ease of communication and sharing of energy, realms of healing, of seeing beyond time, both into the past and future, all becomes possible. More than that, you find yourself cocreating reality with your visionary genius.

Keep in mind, the right sequence of development of these four types of intuitive genius. 

Mellissa in the ocean

First, you do you want to have a strong foundation in your embodied genius. I remember my indigenous mama Maria Yraceburu teaching me that in order to be a cosmic visionary who can traverse the dimensions and star nations, I must first learn to grow deep roots, embodied humble empowerment as a human being with integrity. She said, “you can’t go up until you learn to go down first.“ And I see this all the time now as I’m working with clients. Many people are rushing towards their idea of ascension. They want to commune with spirit, enjoy peak experiences every weekend, and feel their mind unfettered from the obligations and gravity of the earth. But chasing visionary genius without first developing embodied, creative, and integrative genius is a recipe for spiritual bypass and embarrassing disaster.

And without the proper preparation and foundation, you can’t count on the clarity of your visionary states to have real impact in the real world.

The good news is that if you do you create the foundation  by walking through the path in sequence, and arriving at the practices for visionary genius with deep roots, positivity, and integrity, then the practices and experiences involved in activating your visionary genius can make you a literal miracle worker in the real world.

When you meet a true visionary genius who is also grounded, kind, and empowered in a way that includes their humility, you can feel the potency of their spirit connection as a radiating energy of integrity. And unfortunately, this is rare.

We’ve been talking about the life passages and how they support and activate the four types of intuitive genius. Visionary genius corresponds to the wisdom initiation that often happens at about age 52 in indigenous cultures. It is the life passage that makes us a wise elder. It happens when our community recognizes our maturity and wisdom. We become the wise one that is trusted to have a final say in decisions that affect everyone. We are honored and listened to, not because of what we do with our hands but because of what we share with our voice, our wisdom, our emanation.

And the final life passage of course is death itself. Death transports us back into the mystery, from whence all visions are sourced. People who have been initiated by death, in a near death experience or a profound loss, often come out of that experience with a new connection to the world of spirit and to their visionary nature.

When we do the life passages work, we are able to teach and activate these life passage points even before they are happening chronologically in our lives. Every one of us, at every age, has some aspect of the wisdom initiation in us, as well as some aspect of death.

In Maria Yraceburu‘s family, the Tlish Diyan tradition, she was taught by her great grandfather. In their death ceremony, a person is invited to face their own fears of death, long before their death is likely to happen. Facing our fears of death, we can realize our true source, which continues, seemingly lifetime after a lifetime. And in releasing our fears of death, we release our fears to just about everything. Without fear getting in the way, clouding our vision, we step into the fullness of our visionary genius.

If you are curious about your own Visionary genius, listen to my podcast on the topic. I will teach you some of the ways that we use to activate and utilize visionary genius and integrity.

Visionary genius is bigger than any religion, tradition, or even concept of what spirit really is.

And like the other forms of intuitive genius, it is expressed differently in different people. This path of intuitive genius is an individual one, but is best approached in community with support from those who have walked it in their own ways. 

Many of my clients come to me with conflicted feelings about their spiritual past. Many were turned off by dogmatic religions that seem to control and limit the way they could relate lovingly with spirit. Many are turned off by the politicization of spirituality in our current culture. Many are afraid of becoming ungrounded, irresponsible, or just plain silly woo woo. But I have found that when we follow the path of intuitive genius, we are able to commune and co-create directly with spirit in ways we never dreamed possible, yet in ways that are fully grounded, natural, and efficient in the real world.

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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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