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Aargh. I find it frustrating that spiritual people of integrity avoid wealth. And when they have wealth, they often feel ashamed of it. What the actual heck? 

What we really need in this world is more freaking rich deeply spiritual generous people. And yet, as a culture we turn a blind eye to the rich assholes who manipulate, steal, and lie. (Because that’s just how capitalists are, we say.)And we denigrate, attack, and judge spiritual teachers, leaders, healers and oracles who have a lot of money.

Somehow, spirituality means you’re supposed to be poor? Well, that certainly works out for supporting a system where greedy jerks have all the money. And it certainly keeps spiritual wisdom under wraps.  It keeps the spiritually gifted healers and prophets as “best kept secrets” and not influencers of a culture that badly needs their influence right NOW.

It keeps spiritual influence in the grips of institutionalized religions that have become more regulatory then inspiring or empowering.

In my opinion, it keeps us from evolving swiftly and powerfully by co-creating directly with Spirit.

I’m on a mission to lift up spiritually gifted people around the world to make sense of their sacred transformational work they do, to offer it for great money, and to be seen as the true leaders they are.

That’s why next month, in February, I will be guiding the students in my Academy through my unique process of establishing the right prices and promises that create wealth and respected expertise for the spiritually gifted. If you know you should be in this group, join now.

Discover your Soul's Gift

Once you understand your Gifts, I can help you channel your Genius, and eventually step into being a Genius Incarnate – a leader who is respected, trusted, and fully embodied in integrity.

The first step is knowing what your Gifts are!

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