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We don’t have enough words for the important stuff – the intangible stuff that matters. So we end up using over-worked over-used words like “Spirit” and “Soul” and “Love.” Whew. Ok, yah. We sure figured those concepts out (NOT!).

But since I talk about Soul Gifts, and your soul’s purpose, and your soul path and stuff, I figure I’d better give it my best shot to describe what I’m pointing to when I say “Soul.”

Caveat (that’s lawyer speak for excuse/disclaimer/apology): There’s no freakin’ way for us to understand the totality of the mystery that extends beyond this world, beyond this earth, beyond this lifetime. Our cute little human brains are way too limited for that. So everything I (or anyone or any religion or any book) say is just an educated guess. But it’s worth guessing at. And I do like stories/definitions when they help us live better kinder lives. So that’s the intention here too. But keep in mind this is all metaphor, limited in all ways. Take what resonates in your body and dare I say it “soul,” and leave the rest.

I say your soul is that YOU that has lived many lifetimes, here and elsewhere, in this time and other times. I say that your soul is a little chunk o’ god that split off whenever we all decided communally that we (god) wanted to play a game called “reality,” and this universe was dreamed into being.

Mellissa with sand

I imagine that your soul has qualities of its own that come with it into every lifetime or dimension. Your soul gift is intrinsic to your soul, for example. It’s just part of how your soul channels a chunk o’ god into the world.

Transmitters channel their chunk o’ god as an emanation of healing. Creators bring through a new organizational principle, infused with their holy connection. Messengers translate wisdom from the god parts into the world to be understood (hopefully) by other humans. Explorers stretch the limits of living here, showing us the limitlessness of god in wild action. Researchers witness the totality of wisdom playing out here, and reflect it back as pure accurate truth. And I do think we’ve been sticking to these general gifts from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. Why? It explains a lot. And it is helpful for us to surrender into our natural sweet spot. So even if I’m wrong (and I’m open to learning a different “truth”) I keep landing back here because it helps people!

Soul is what continues on after death. I imagine your soul leaves your body, and then (eventually) moves on up to the higher realms, maybe comes back on down to the material plane in another “lifetime,” maybe gets a nice hot shower to wash all that earth drama off, and then steps up to be a spirit guide for other humans “down there.”

Yes, after more than 20 years as a professional intuitive, I’ve got some experiences that seem to “prove” much of these hypotheses.

But I also know this is all BS at some level. Here’s how. We know “time” does not exist. (Hi Quantum Physics), so that blows up the whole “past life” thing. We know that spirit does not have definitions and skins and limited consciousness. So spirit guides and angels and all that must be metaphors we use to connect and relate with them. Fair enough. I say, claim the metaphor that helps you the most to be a good person, right here, right now. And don’t be a d**k about your dogma, saying you or your book or your tradition have all the answers about a divine reality FAR too big for any book or mind to capture.

Now, a little more heresy…

I imagine that our souls came into our lifetime to play at a certain game (life purpose theme), to perhaps do a certain thing (life purpose goal), and to experience this dense drama-filled planet with suffering and separation and longing and all that stuff you can’t experience when you’re just one big happy oneness of God (whee!). I do think we choose our parents somehow, and our basic life situations. I think our souls are psyched and excited to come down here and play in the mud as a human. I think we are souls wearing human meat suits for a while, to learn and explore and play together. And I think we take the wisdom of our experience “home” when we die to upload the data into the big oneness of god.

So there ya go. My primer on Soul.

It is most certainly wrong. God knows. 😉

And yet believing this helps me help thousands of people a year to claim their gifts, align with their true nature, and live more fulfilling more delicious lives of purpose and satisfaction. I feel guided by the big LOVE I call God to believe this stuff, and use it to help others by teaching inside my academy.

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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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