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AI for Wisdom Teachers?

Should wisdom teachers like us use artificial intelligence?

Hey, you might ask… 

How else will you keep up in a world that is becoming flooded with automatic messaging authored by chat GPT?

Everyone’s talking about it, using it, and having fun with it! Why not join in?

Can’t we just use it lightly for fun and not be so serious about everything all the time? 

Here’s the thing.

If you are a Channel, an oracle, a sacred messenger, whose gift is to bring through wisdom from the mystery, then your work is not just about words on a page. Your words carry a transmission, and the pulsing emanation of the wisdom you are here to deliver. 

There’s a reason why your words pour out of you with emotion, with care, and sometimes with blood and sweat! They are the lifeblood of your sacred work. They carry the nutrients of healing where they need to go in the world.

Sure, you might use an analytical tool like AI to help you make lists, or brainstorm things, or do research, just like you might use a research, assistant, or technical writer.  But don’t turn over your sacred messaging to a computer.

Some might say that the email tools and quiz platforms and other smart tech we use every day are “AI.”  Tools are just that.  Tools.

Please don’t follow the temptation to let AI regurgitate, re-pattern, or replace your sacred words of power. To do so is to disrespect your own gift.

Instead, find the marketing strategies based in compassion, the poetic words of connection in your messaging, and the potent transmission infused messages of your heart that truly inspire your peeps.

Afraid of missing out?

Don’t be.

Speak out with your Words of Power in a sea of robotic patter, and you will, indeed stand out.

AI cannot transmit your magic.

What you’re here to channel is not computational.

Seriously – is “artificial” really the new intelligence?

Do not let it replace your intuitive power. 


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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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