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Best Winter plan for your wisdom Biz

Nope, winter is no time to be pushing, pitching, and buying into the whole consumerist frenzy of Xmas!  But then how do you keep your business growing over the Winter months?  Let me show you exactly how…

Especially if you’re a sensitive, an intuitive, you need to roll with the seasons in a natural way.  Otherwise you get grumpy, exhausted, and kind of paralyzed at a plateau.

The problem is, when you have a business, there is a lot of pressure to push and sell at years end. Your colleagues are doing flash sales for Black Friday, and year end bundles, and all this sparky crap that makes you nauseous.  Do you really need to do that to keep growing?  


Sometimes you worry you’re just supposed to hibernate and do NOTHING all winter.  Is this the right thing to do when you have a biz?



There is a middle ground, which can create not only growth, but a massive upgrade for you in your value, your offering, your income.  There is a way to go with the cycles, in order to clear out old blocks, re-vision what’s going to work GREAT in this next cycle, and leverage these few holiday reconnection gatherings to make $$$ without working hard too.

Check out the Wheel of Wisdom…

In October, we enter the innermost wheel, the place of Winter, and the place of natural descent, clearing, and re-set.

If you are going with the flow of the seasons, and the cycles of ease, your best focus for winter should be clearing your past limitations, dreaming your next desires, activating your manifestation magic, and re-fashioning your core offering so that it basically sells itself. Winter is perfectly suited to these things.


The Winter months align with the underworld journey initiations that happen between death and our rebirth in the spring. Unfortunately, our western culture likes to skip over the existence of death, and that descent journey. That’s why so many businesses are superficial and unfulfilling. But that’s not you!

I’ve been working with spiritual business owners for a couple of decades now. And I’ve noticed in my clients, and in my own life, that if we try to rush our way through winter, we set ourselves up for financial and energetic struggle all year long.  We never get the chance to clear out the old gunk of the last cycle, and we don’t take the time to truly refresh our visions. We go on selling the old energy, and it’s an uphill battle.

That’s why my business mentorship Academy starts off your winter with an easy collective clearing of your last cycles leftovers, and a deep clearing of the seven blocks to wealth. 


Then, in December, instead of hammering away with our weekly classes, we luxuriate in a two day revisioning retreat to make sure that your business will hold the right energies as you walk into a new cycle. We make sure you have the right words to describe the deep value of what you do, so that as you go to some holiday gatherings, you can update, friends and family in such a way that they become your PR team, telling friends and lining you up with clients, because they finally understand what the heck you do. 

Also in the winter, in January and February, as the energies slowly begin to rise again, we fashion your revised core offering so that it is irresistible to your perfect clients. And we revitalize your juice for making sales, increasing prices, and letting it all feel generous and easy.


This is the way to manifest abundance without crashing your nervous system, like many people do, entering the early spring already feeling tired and pressured.


I learned this the HARD way! Haha!


It took me years to learn how to go slow to go fast during the winter months. I was so programmed to the rush and push and pressures of the Xmas season, that it carried over into my business, causing me anxiety and guilt about my natural desire, and tendency to dream and rest in the winter.


It was working with my indigenous shima Maria Yraceburu that showed me how important it is to match the pace of the seasons in order to optimize my manifestation power. If I don’t slow down in winter, to reconnect with my current dreams, to re-orient my offerings, and to replenish my depth of spirit, then it’s a matter of time until I crash and burn. Whoops!


So, my Wise Woman friend, please don’t create a one day flash sale on Black Friday, unless that’s really in alignment with your natural rhythms. Don’t feel pressured to do some big end of your blowout thing, if your body really needs to replenish. You can trust your natural rhythms. Please trust the natural descent into darkness, rest, clearing, and revisioning. It is so important for us to stay in integrity with what we offer, the world, how we show up, and how we walk or talk.


It can be scary to slow down when the whole world seems to be speeding up. It can be hard to tap the deep resources and magic of this winter., When all your friends and colleagues are in rush, rush, busy mode of the holidays.


But my mentees in the business academy can tell you… If you follow the natural rhythms on the Wheel of Wisdom, you can actually make use of all those holiday connections and events in a softer, sweeter, quieter way. You can speak softly your clearly-described offering into the room, and let your family and friends create a flurry of referrals and new clients for you with ease.


This is how to leverage the winter, when you are a wise woman. You finally stop fighting your own rhythms. You stop trying to be everything to everyone in a season where you are only supposed to be focusing on your own sphere, purpose, and service. And in that focused intention, especially when supported by a community and mentor, you find that abundance and wealth can flow to you more easily than it can in the height of your busy season.

My Business Academy mentorship has open enrollment for this Winter trimester right NOW and only for 2 more weeks.  Join now to grab one of the spots.  Let’s make this more most restful, delicious, and lucrative winters ever.


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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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