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Born and Re-Born - All the Dang Time!
(Life Passage 2: Birth)


That blessed day that you were born!  Yah sure, it was blessed, cause you took your first breath!  But it might have also been a tough day – for you, for your mom… who knows.  I mean, in our modern world, that day of birth is often stressful.  Hospitals and timelines and sometimes it has to get rather medical!  

It’s not like when we all lived on the land.  Back then every birth was likely a community-held event, with resting and feasting and praying.  We didn’t have the miracles of modern science, but we did have the conscious celebration of life passages!  

As a life passage, Birth represents when you came fully into your body.  It’s when your spirit fully enters physical form.  Hopefully, you feel welcome and safe in that body.  Ideally, your community celebrates you, your embodiment and your unique spirit.  And you feel comfortable becoming a human CREATURE.

Well let’s go a level deeper with this understanding of Life Passages.  Birth, for example, is not a one time deal.  We experience this embodiment thing many times over one lifetime.


I bet you can point to many times in your life where you had to make a new peace with your body.  I bet you’ve gone through challenges with your body that put you in a new state of appreciation for it.  You never appreciate your health so much as after you’ve been sick, right?  And as we grow older and wiser, we are challenged more and more to find our healthy balance. Cultivating body-awareness, health, and body-confidence is a lifelong path. 

Again, birth is not a one time deal. We keep having situations where we are challenged to come into more body-awareness.  We keep encountering passages in this game of life that can even leave us feeling “reborn.” 

Life hands us challenges that bring us back into our bodies.  Illness. Accidents. Love-affairs.  

Sometimes it’s pain that brings us back to tending our bodies.  Sometimes it’s pleasure.  

Sometimes it’s an experience with the natural world that reminds us that we belong in these bodies, on this planet.  We might be reminded that we are CREATURES, as well as spirits.  That’s why the Archetype I use to represent this passage, and the Month of March which it’s associated with on my Cycles of Ease Calendar, is the Creature.  Every time we come back into our nature, into this meat-suit of a body, we recognize that we are indeed a magnificent Creature – part of nature, like other animals are.

So, you might ask yourself – when was your most recent Birth/Rebirthing initiation experience in your life?  When we do experience a natural life passage of re-birthing, we feel more relaxation, more peace and acceptance.  We are able to hear our bodies’ messages more, to tend our health with more wisdom and maturity.  And even if life circumstances aren’t forcing you with some illness, danger, or pain to allow this re-birthing into your body, you can consciously CHOOSE this re-birth experience right now.  

When I do the work of the 9 Life Initiations with clients, we use ceremony and healing journey work to activate and heal the intrinsic Birth Initiation, to come more fully into what I call Embodied  Genius.  This is good work.  And whether you do it with me through my system, or intrinsically following your own intuition and life’s cues, Embodiment and Birth are always a foundational aspect of creating calm, happiness, and a solid feeling of being welcome on the planet.  You deserve this.  It is quite literally your BirthRight.

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