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)Depressed in Business? Claim your Perfect-Fit Service (Life Passage 7: Service)

Even if you’ve learned your Soul Gift, and you know how you’re special, and you understand your astro chart and your gene keys and your smattering of testing and all… You still might not know how you should best be SERVING this world. 

It’s one thing to know how you’re special, and it’s another thing to know what job to take.  Purpose and Service are deeply related, but they are also distinct.  And ideally, you learn your Purpose before you choose how to be of Service.  You may have spent years in a role that did not fit your gifts.  A job that just didn’t fit you.  And that can be miserable.

We humans need to feel valuable, well-utilized, connected in service to something that matters!  But honestly, this experience is the exception, not the rule.

We are seeing this throughout our modern culture.  People feel useless.  They hate their jobs.  They follow a career track that is not a fit for them.  And so they feel invisible, unrespected, listless, depressed.  And most of our culture just considers that “normal.”

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These days, we are seeing a lot of job-hopping, especially among the new creatively gifted professionals.  They are looking for more than “just a job.”  They are looking for a profound sense of service, a perfect fit, a place where their unique gifts are recognized, appreciated, and put to good use.  Some industries consider this a crisis situation.  The question of how to attract and keep great creative talent is a high-value consideration.

Meanwhile, there are so many people setting off to create their own businesses.  I’ve been teaching and coaching entrepreneurs for the past eight years.  And I can tell you that the ones who are stuck, procrastinating, and failing are generally celebrating their gifted Purpose, but resisting actually getting to work as a Service.  

This Service Passage requires a willingness to get to work, to take action, and to solve other people’s problems, usually in exchange for money.  I sometimes say that the Sixth and Seventh Life Passages together often show up in our lives as the category of “Business.”  Anyone who has been in business, either as an entrepreneur, founder, or a professional team member can tell you…  Doing business is a life initiation of its own.  And considering our culture’s importance on earning, working, and professional positioning, we spend most of our adulthood addressing these two Passages- purpose and service.

What’s funny is that claiming your purpose and your service really require you to address the earlier life passages first.  Our biggest problems in business reflect our problems in life in general.  That’s why it’s so important for creative professionals to tend to the first five passages, before expecting to easily understand and enjoy their purposeful service (aka business).

For example, if you’re not comfortable in your body (life passage 2) or if you find it hard to choose (passage 3) or if you take everything too seriously (passage 4), you’re going to have a hard time seeing and accepting the ideal role in society to give your gifts!  That’s why in my Channel Your Genius Business Academy, we walk through healing these life passages one at a time, in order, based on our monthly topics and group goals necessary for growing a business!  Truth is, this life-initiation healing stuff is critical to our clarity in general, and trying to do business without this healing is a constant struggle.

It’s hard to be a happy grownup if you don’t know your purpose, and you’re in the wrong role or position for true service.  And I’m not just talking about work.  If you don’t know your gifts, and how to use them with other people, you likely struggle in how you relate with other people in the personal arena too. If you don’t know yourself, value yourself, and have your own life, then you’ll likely end up feeling lost in a relationship, perhaps co-dependently over-focused on the other person.  If you are frustrated in your wrong-fit job, toiling away at some role that goes against your natural gifts, you’re going to be a grumpy poop at home too.  

Isn’t it sad that so many of us are doing work that doesn’t fit our souls?  Understanding your perfect-fit role can help you respect yourself, accept yourself, and find your perfect fit contribution that leads to fulfilling success.  

This is a big reason I created my own high-touch Business Academy designed just for inspired creative spiritual Wise Women.  I believe that Wise Women are excellent leaders, teachers, and guides.  Yet so many of us got stuck in the caretaking mode, or living in a career that has timed-out for our souls, that we are going to waste.  So if you are ready to be supported step-by-step through the process of claiming your best-fit wisdom business, join us.

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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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