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How Wise Women Stay Clear, Grounded, and Happy in a Distracting World of Overwhelm


Are you a pretty sensitive person, who often feels drained, distracted and overwhelmed?

You’re likely over-connected like me.  Let me give you some tips for staying clear and present even in this super-connected world, especially during the dark season.

We love connection, but we are over-connected through our tech, right?

You likely connect with a hundred or more emails a day.  Maybe you talk to 20-50 people every day.  How many posts do you read on Facebook? Oh my.

Even for normal people, our energy flows where our attention goes, but for Sensitive Empathic folk like us… every time we make a connection, perhaps even MORE of our hearts, our magic, our feelings – go in all these different directions.  

So the question is, how often do you give attention to calling that energy home to yourself?

Hey I know it’s hard to shift this all by yourself.  It’s kinder and more fun to do it in community.  We do this weekly in my Wisdom Collective (my modern mystery school for wise women that you’re invited to join here: academy.channelyourgenius.com/collective

Scattered like a Rainbird Sprinker?

You’re not making it up! Your attention and energy goes out in so many directions – taking care of your peeps, tracking  your deets, and generally saving the world.

If you are feeling scattered, drained, and distracted – maybe it’s because you literally are drained of energy because it is still bouncing around with those many things that have taken your attention.  

Overwhelmed like you’re drowning in your own wires of overconnection?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, maybe it’s because you are still unconsciously attached to thousands of people, concerns, and projects that you could be done with already?

Every time something gets my attention, my energy goes out.  It is like I’ve answered a phone to talk to that thing/project/person.  But when do I hang up that phone?  (whoops)  

Sometimes I look around and imagine all the phone lines I’ve accidentally left open, with voices all around me chattering through the receiver, and me wondering why it is so noisy in my head!

Stuck trying to Soothe with the Scrolling?

Hey, me too. It’s hard not to plug into the dopamine machines.  

This conversation about sensitives being overconnected kinda explains why Facebook is so fun, (It’s fun to make connections and tap into others’ lives for a minute) AND why Facebook can leave me feeling a little dazed, overwhelmed, and leftover-lonely.

Imagine all the energy, vitality, and clarity we might re-claim if we could call all of that back?

That’s why we do a special exercise weekly in our Wisdom Collective that uses the power of our global group of wise women to support each other in staying clear!  

And of course there are things you can do in your own life…

Here are 3 ways to stay clear even as you connect with thousands of people each day:

1. TAKE A SHOWER – You already likely wash yourself every day.  Add a little intention or prayer with that shower.  Imagine all the people, projects, and advertisements you’ve connected with since your last shower washing away.  

2. HANG UP THE PHONE – When you feel drained, or after you’ve been web-surfing or Facebooking or talking to friends about their problems, take a moment to disconnect.  Hanging up the phone means making the line go SILENT for a moment.  So let yourself go SILENT, and just imagine and intend the connections to complete.

3. GRATITUDE FOR COMPLETION – After you’ve been connecting, take a moment to take stock of what you’ve received from the connecting.  What if, after every Facebook session, you stopped and felt into what you received from that time?  Then you might cherish what you’d like to keep, and let go of all the rest.

The ugly truth…

Many of us have been STOCKPILING connections for years and years.

We have connections from CHILDHOOD that we should have let go of long ago.

We have connections with DOGMAS, NEGATIVE BELIEFS, AND OUTDATED LIMITATIONS that are still affecting us under the surface, holding us back in life.

It’s hard to regularly clear all this gunk all on your own, especially in a world that keeps getting more complex and gunky.  You’re invited to join the Wise Women in my Wisdom Collective.  We clear our bubbles, our connections, our boundaries and systems weekly together, and then we dive into fun mystery school teachings and practices. And guess what?  We feel free, lighter, and better able to face life as focused wisdom-bearing women!

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