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Lost Trust Syndrome - Your Potential Clients Have It,
and Your Magic Mirror Quiz is the cure

It’s bigger than the failing economy.

It’s deeper than any one recent news event. 

It’s the reason your launches are failing, your offers are tanking, and your neighbors are giving you the side eye. 

Lost Trust Syndrome has become the new epidemic.

Maybe it’s because we got so polarized about masks and the oil industry and pronouns. We’ve redefined friendship as “people who think like me.” And we don’t know who our friends are anymore.

Maybe it’s because half of the people on the Internet are fake. Not just the superficial unabashed floozies of 80’s pop, but actual fake humans created by AI.

Maybe it’s because we just don’t spend time with other human beings anymore, sharing our deep thoughts, trading compassion for hurt feelings. Now, human connection is all packaged, recorded, licensed, and retouched.

Whatever the reason, Trust is the casualty.

If you’re a business owner, here’s what that means.

No one is reading your emails. They’re not even scanning them anymore.

No one hands over their email address with joyful optimism anymore. It’s always with a dire expectation of being lied to, manipulated, and sold on something that doesn’t deliver.

If you’ve got something really potent, an offering that can really help people, a program that really delivers, none of the old ways of marketing or selling that thing are going to work. But you already know that. Because it stopped working a while ago.

So now everyone is running to create more content using AI. More bland, strategic, canned content. Does that sound like the answer? Um….

If you are a compassionate service provider, the idea of peppering people with more mediocre content sickens you. 

You’d rather quit it all and go back to your mainstream job to pay the bills.

The problem is… Your soul won’t let you.

Then how are you going to draw in new clients are stricken with Lost Trust Syndrome? 

You give them one thing that no one else can give them – deep relevant reflection of their authentic selves, in a way that leaves them weeping a small tear of gratitude for the precious depth of human connection, and yes, trusting you as an ally.

Currently, the best tool I have to do this is what I call a Magic Mirror Quiz.

I’m not talking about a thinly veiled scored test that is obviously trying to judge them and categorize them into one of your product lines. That’s cold and intimidating.

I’m not talking about a bucket quiz survey that just asks them what they’re willing to pay for what service. That’s boring and robotic.

I’m not talking about some cutesy irrelevant quiz that rambles on, obviously more  about the quiz creator than the quiz taker. That’s confusing and pathetic.

No. We’ve had about enough of those quizzes. 

They are part of what started this epidemic of lost trust syndrome.

I’m talking about a mercifully short, kindly written fun quiz that helps you learn something potent and relevant about yourself in just a few engaged minutes. 

I’m talking about a Magic Mirror Quiz.  It’s a deep archetype-based personality quiz that reflects back to you something meaningful, important, and timely. 

I’m talking about a communication that is personalized, heartfelt, and compassionate.

Normal marketers selling boring products can’t do it.  Literally.  They CANT.  Because there is no JUICE under what they’re offering. There is no deep transformational experience worth trusting.

Only compassionate, empathic folk who are selling transformative services can pull off the Magic Mirror Quiz.  But when we do, we have the antidote to Lost Trust Syndrome, and we have a steady stream of loyal committed perfect-fit clients (yes, even in a “down” economy).  Because Trust has become a rare treasured resource.  And you have proven yourself trustworthy through the quiz and follow-up experience.

In a couple of weeks, February 5-9, 2024, I will freely teach a group of such folks how to choose which Magic Mirror Quiz fits their business best, and the basics of how to set it up. This is a five day free quiz creation challenge.  I will also be opening the doors to my 3-4 Month Quiz Creation Sprint where I’ll be helping them create their quiz funnel, step-by-step, with my direct coaching and even copywriting, for $4K total.

Join us for the free 5-day Quiz Creation Challenge. I am offering you the antidote to Lost Trust Syndrome, at no cost. I hope you take me up on the offer. 

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