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Play or DIE!!!
(Initiation 4: Childhood Imagination and Play)

You need to take life super seriously. Work hard.  Don’t stop. Work work work!

*Just kidding!*

Have you noticed that your best ideas come through you when you are feeling relaxed, playful, and open? You know, like when you’re in the shower!  Or if you’re on vacation.  Or right after having a nice “nap” with your beloved. 😉 

The great ideas don’t usually arrive when you’re hunched over your desk. They arrive, unbidden, when you are feeling relaxed and open!  This is the key to the fourth Life Passage that ignites the power of play in you!

We professional well-educated folk (even us creative types) are trained to be serious.  We have strong work ethics that can pour into us proving ourselves, spinning our wheels, and constantly over-thinking. BORRRRRINNNGGGGG!

Playfulness is key to our openness and wisdom!  The cultures who had the strongest mystery traditions also have practices for staying childlike, goofy, and playful. They know that’s where the magic is.  My indigenous Tlish Diyan teacher, Maria Yraceburu takes play seriously! Her tradition, like many other earth-based wisdom cultures, honors the spirit of the “Little Ones.” These are the playful spirits like fairies who hide your socks from the dryer and seem to hide your car keys and stuff.  They teach us not to take life too dang seriously, she says.  And you’ve likely heard of the Leprechauns in Ireland, the Menehune in the Hawaiian tradition, and more.  

The essence of play is sacred and magic.  And when we don’t embrace and practice this Passage, we can end up stuck in a grumpy miserable loop in life.

This is another passage that is anchored in childhood.  Encouraging your imagination.  Sparking your playfulness.  Giving you space for mischievous clever tricks and games.  But in a modern over-educated world, we tend to pooh-pooh playfulness, even for kids!  

You may have been told things like, “Oh Honey, you’re too imaginative/silly/playful/rambunctious.”  “Stop playing around.” Or “That’s JUST your imagination.” 

Of course if you were ridiculed or even punished for your imaginative playful spirit, you likely shut it down or put it under wraps.  That’s how we skip over or feel damaged in this fourth initiation of life.

Even as a smart creative adult,  you may feel guilty about playing, giggling, and acting silly.  Most of us do, to some extent. You’re certainly not alone. 

Maybe you still wonder if you are “too imaginative,” so you hide your depth and magic.  

Maybe you keep your nose to the grindstone too much.  

Maybe you feel you’ve lost the magic of your playful youth, 

or perhaps you feel like you missed out on having a childhood altogether because when you were little, you had to take care of the grownups, your folks.  

All of these are signs that you missed part of this Passage the first time around.  But I’ve seen over and over with my clients that we can go back and heal these passages.  That’s the work we do in ceremony, on retreat, and sometimes through a distance healing where we utilize non-ordinary states to heal this kind of stuff up once and for all!  It’s never too late to reclaim your birthright of PLAY and imagination!  That’s where your creative power springs forth!

If you know that you could use some support to heal this kind of stuff, reach out.  Take my Work With Me survey to see what ways we might collaborate to accelerate your healing and activate your initiations

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