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Real Jesus Wouldn’t Do That

When I hear someone use Jesus Christ as their excuse to judge, hate, shame, isolate or condemn good people, I get pissed off. And I’m pretty sure Jesus does too.

I still feel nervous when I dare to speak about this. Even though I’ve been studying both the biblical scriptures and the historical information about Jesus since I was a teenager, I still hold programming that I’m not allowed to know what I know.  Now I think that’s EXACTLY why I need to speak about it.

The scholar priests who taught me graduate level theology at the Jesuit University of San Diego expressed their own concern, as they taught me about the “historical Jesus” the “other” gospels, and all the other most interesting stuff I’ve learned about the guy. See, those priests could get in big trouble for telling the truth.  I mean, they were “allowed” to study the historical Jesus. They were allowed to posit the obvious conclusion that Mary Magdalene was Jesus‘s wife… 

(Cmon y’all did you READ about the Wedding at Cana?  It would have been unheard of, newsworthy, for a 30 year old Jewish man NOT to be married – don’t you homophobes vibe with that? Of course he was married…  oops sorry I got distracted.  Anyway, about the scholar priests….) 


One priest friend told me that if they get caught speaking these evidenced truths from the pulpit, or writing about them publicly, or otherwise sharing the basic facts about who this guy really was, they would be censured, probably fired.  And I knew of at least one priest who was indeed punished for speaking out in this way.  Real deal.  Unfair BS if you ask me.

But let’s just ask some bigger questions for a minute. 

How can it be that the greatest embodied divine teacher of unconditional love has become the mascot for a judgemental, dogmatic, systemically violent church? (Actually, not just one church. Multitudes of them. Many different flavors of sanctimonious hatred and spiritual arrogance by my count)

Of course, there are beautiful faith communities as well.  Ones that focus on service, on justice, on the loving actions that Jesus embodied. But have you noticed that many of our religious institutions have become so politicized, so wrapped up in power dynamics, social control, rules, and punishments, that they appear to have lost touch completely with the teachings of the guy they say they follow?


Radical forgiveness. 

Unconditional love and acceptance. 

Compassion above judgment. 

Revolution against inequality and injustice. 

Direct spiritual communion and empowerment with a loving heavenly parent.

I mean, seriously? 

How do you read stories (even just the highly redacted ones we find in the “bible” that was pieced together in the second to fifth centuries) and conjure that Jesus would put women below men? He literally got in trouble for treating women as equals.

Where do you get that he would judge and condemn gay people, divorced people, sexually liberated people… When we literally have multiple stories saying that he embraced everyone, thereby pissing off his own temple/church hierarchy.

Most who approach the writings with cultural historic context posit that Jesus himself had been educated in mysteries beyond his Jewish tradition. His language, his storytelling style, and his openness, belie influences of the far east. 

If Jesus himself was a curious, open-minded traveler, a student as well as a teacher… then why wouldn’t we all be following in those footsteps as well?  Why wouldn’t we be learning from the many ways, the many cultures, the many paths that lead us to being good people, connected to spirit, in communion with what is sacred? 

When he said “I am the Way“ the biblical scholars I’ve studied with say he was speaking to his way of life… not the politicized religion that was formed on his behalf hundreds of years later. 

His constant forgiveness and loving nature, his service and community based generosity, his constant open minded conversation with people different than himself…

Does he really seem like a guy who would cut out the rest of the mysteries, limit us to reading only certain stories of Him?  Forbid other ways of praying from our open hearts to our loving creator parents?

Obviously some folks think so.  Many folks.  Especially if that’s what the rules say.

I think the Real Jesus trusts us more. 

I think he would want to have far more interesting conversations with us, then just the dues and don’ts and dogmas. Even the stories that made the cut to be in the Bible tell us that.

Frankly, you guys, I’m over it.

I am over having the mysteries owned by intermediaries and politicized organizations, when the mysteries are our birthright. We are ALL children of God.

I am over keeping these questions and ideas to myself.  I’m not a priest, who can be silenced with threats of excommunication or embarrassing ruin.  If you don’t agree, that’s ok.  We can agree not to agree.  But I’m pretty sure Jesus will high-five me when I die because I share my own unique faith story as you might share yours. 

I am over pretending that the politicized Christian churches are carrying out His will when they pressure members to ostracize, shame, and desecrate good people. That’s some wicked violent BS right there.

Honestly, I am over pretending that there is just one way to contact and commune with our ever loving creator. It’s bullshit. It’s ridiculous. It’s embarrassing. 

People have been asking me for more than 20 years now to curate an ancient modern mystery school of sorts, something that shares the “old ways” without becoming dogmatic, without wrongfully appropriating others cultural ways, and yet something that dares to share these direct ways of connecting with the divine so they are accessible to modern people. 

My resistance has come from my fear

Of getting in trouble

Of offending people I love

Of being punished

Of not doing it well enough

And yet people I care about keep asking. They say, even if I don’t get it, perfect, they trust me to try to do it well.

OK, fair enough. I’m putting something together that will share mystery ways from teachers who I respect. 

Watch out for more information on that coming soon. 

And if you already know you want to be a part of it for less than 100 bucks a month, let me know, and I will put you on the founders outreach list.

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  • Lyn Nanni says:

    Ah… Thank you my darling Mellissa! You are SO RIGHT ON! And if I wasn’t already working with you I would sign up to do so regardless of the cost!

    YES, YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! Well done, well said, bravely put.

    I will do all I can to help spread this Divine Message. Jesus loves this stuff! XOL

  • Jacqui says:

    I was discussing this same very thing today with a man that I care about. Today was actually the second time I had mentioned this to him. I told him I had left Christian beliefs behind because I did not feel safe around many people who loudly proclaimed that they were Christian, and then went on to hurt others in the name of Jesus. I told him Jesus had let me know this was not appreciated by him at all. As a result, I shared with him, I began to develop my own spiritual toolbox. I explained to him that what worked for me over the years was a combination of love for Mother Earth, meditation, Native American spirituality, and practices derived from the Divine supernatural that included herbs, crystals, focus, many other natural remedies used with intent and focus often referred as Wise Women or witchcraft, and recently I had been attuned to Reiki as a level one practitioner. I told him Jesus walked with me on this path. He handled all this amazing well, especially since I had led with the statement, “I am a spiritual witch.” He is definitely a keeper. Thank you, Jesus, my Sweet Lord.

  • Cathrine Estar says:

    Please put me on the list to share the mystery ways when you get the program ready.

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