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REAL Wisdom (what it is, what it’s not, what it’s for)

Is this Real Wisdom?

  • Have you seen the twin flame couples who have been together for four months, and then start teaching relationship mastery?
  • Have you seen the certification courses that claim to make you into a “shaman” in a weekend?
  • Have you seen the “write your bestselling book in a weekend” programs?

Fast Food Wisdom.

It doesn’t work that way.

Wisdom is grown through life experience, practice and awareness, and probably a good guide or mentor.

Oh Mellissa, do you mean it has to be some kind of precious mystery school that is so confusing it takes YEARS to understand, and longer to be able to use in real life or leadership?


I don’t mean that Wisdom is supposed to be inaccessible and mysterious.  

Quite to the contrary.  I think WISDOM is the most natural thing we have. I believe that wisdom is the living product of EVERYthing that EVERYone lives through!  

Quite to the contrary.  I think WISDOM is the most natural thing we have. I believe that wisdom is the living product of EVERYthing that EVERYone lives through!  

More than that – it is the goal of our soul! And it is ALWAYS attained! 

I really do believe that we are spirits that come into this earth plane to experience things that we can’t experience anywhere else than on this crazy dense planet. And I think we do that so that we can gather wisdom, not fame, not accolades, not money. 

I believe that wisdom is the treasure that we take home with us when we die.

Also, I believe that every single one of us is gathering wisdom through our everyday lives, our deepest, darkest days, AND our peak experiences.

YES Wisdom is present in every single human.

YET Wisdom can be welcomed, cultivated, and consciously stewarded too.  Like, we can be even more aware and conscious and swift about it… if we have a mentor, a map, and a practice.

>>> I want to show you the map I’ve developed with my own mentors – click here to access 5 private podcast episodes that will tell you the secrets <<<

Wisdom is not a fast food item. It’s the accumulation of experience –  especially when we use practices, and the support of a community and mentors –  to welcome wisdom, cultivate wisdom, and steward wisdom.

But do you really think learning with a beginner will make you a master?


An experienced grounded WisdomLeader, a teacher, mentor, and guide is super helpful in supporting you to walk this path in a grounded supported accelerated way, because they come from THEIR experience, to help guide you through yours!  They are not a guru who controls you. A true WisdomLeader Mentor is a guide on the journey, holding more experience in the journey you are taking.  

So, you want to really devote yourself to Wisdom, maybe even stand as a Wisdom Leader yourself?

Let’s just get clear on something…

Your Wisdom comes from grounded EXPERIENCE, not just visions and ideas or what you read or learned in your head.

Wanna be wise in relationship? That comes from living through failure, betrayal, and the every day triggers of real life, more than rolling around in high arousal state experiences of new relationship energy.

Wanna be wise in “shamanic” aka earthwisdom ways?  That takes time, with ceremony and visionary genius skills developed over years, under the tutelage of a true mentor, who holds lineage and protocol, as well as through the eruption of intuitive awakening.  While you might pop with what my indigenous mama Maria Yraceburu calls “shamanic party tricks” – special access and abilities- over night, it takes grounded practice and a series of passages of power before you land in your own leadership or mastery.

Wanna be a lauded author and expert?  The book of wisdom that your life is writing on you, it takes shape in the cycles and cycles of revisions and edits of your life – your failures, the daily feedback of your loved ones, and the result of your life’s contributions on others.  The Wisdom of your life is not proven in a successful Amazon book selling campaign.

Your wisdom is your dearest treasure. 

Your choice to share it with the world is your deepest gift.

Don’t settle for the pretend nourishment of Fast Food Wisdom.

It leaves your soul hungry, lonely, longing for the real deal.

If you’ve read this far, and you’re not deeply offended or confused,

you are already open to the secrets of the WisdomLeaders, 

>>> and I think you will enjoy hearing them spoken out loud in this five episode, private podcast which you are invited to receive. <<<

Thank you for choosing the Real Deal Treasure of  your life – your well-earned Wisdom.


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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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