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Responsible Co-Creation with our Creative Sexual Power (Life Passage 5: Puberty and Power)

There is a good reason why teenagers act like nut-balls. They are in the midst of a major upgrade. Their bodies are becoming creators of people! This hormonal reality, paired with the growing importance of relationships, causes impressive emotional turmoil.  It’s a time of great upheaval, and huge potential.  Remember? I mean, what greater power is there than our ability to birth a new life?

Today I’m revealing what I’ve learned about the fifth of the nine life invitations.  This is the one that happens around puberty.  It’s where we learn to harness our power (our creative aka sexual power) to learn to co-create with others in relationship and integrity.  It’s a whopper!  And in our modern world, it’s mostly seen as a passage to tolerate and ignore.

My indigenous teacher Maria Yraceburu, who spent her earliest years on the White Mountains Apache Reservation in a traditional family, was partly raised by her great grandfather. When I first met her in the year 2001, I had recently had an awakening of my intuitive abilities. I felt concerned because I was “hearing voices“ of guidance in my mind.  As an intellectual logical person, this new ability was both thrilling and scary. I was feeling guided in more specific and clear ways than ever before. I felt my “guides” with me all the time, like a child with an imaginary friend. I had access to new powers.  Ability to heal folks with my hands.  Ability to “know” stuff about others that I could not have known.  

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Maria and my therapist calmed my worries.  Both said that as long as these guides were helpful voices, and as long as I could distinguish the real world from the imaginal world, I was good.  Still, I was concerned, and my parents and husband were concerned too.  I remember when I told Maria that my mom was worried about me “hearing voices“. She said, “kiddo, in my family growing up on the land, if a kid wasn’t hearing voices of their guidance by the time they were 13, we were seriously worried about them.“ 

She went on to explain that around puberty, the young people in her family were initiated into their responsibility as a member of the clan. They were given their own free choice completely, and tested for courage, strength, and integrity. They were trained in how to be responsible with their burgeoning sexual and creative power. They were held to agreements to navigate relationships with integrity. They promised to be an honest, upstanding and responsible member of the clan.  They were honored for their intrinsic natural power.

I was struck by how different this is from our modern culture’s approach to dealing with teenagers. In my world, teenagers are often seen as rebellious troublemakers. We are afraid of the power that is rising in them. Seems to me, we don’t have the cultural structures to help them learn to wield that power. Instead, we just try to control and punish them. We restrict them from many activities (often ineffectively).  We aren’t doing too well educating them in holding their sexual creative power in integrity, either. Our rules, punishments, and dogmatism don’t work too well, in my opinion. And even as adults, we are sometimes left wondering how to manage our power, sexual, creative, and otherwise, without creating drama and hurt.

It’s rare, outside of religious commitment celebrations, to see a teenager being given an intentional right of passage ceremony for this monumental initiation into creative and sexual power. But life brings the passage, regardless!  In our teen years, we face incredible real-life challenges to test our will, our resolve, our integrity.  And later in our lives, these themes resurface over and over again!

Many of us missed out on a healthy version of this Life Passage.  We may have grown up feeling ashamed, blocked, or reactionary when it comes to our power to create, our sexual power, our power in general. 

Our wounds around a missing this Passage are compounded by the prevalence of sexual abuse and discrimination. Our trauma, shame, and powerless feelings combine to shut down our confidence, courage, and charisma. This is the damage when we miss out on this passage.

If a student in my Business Academy is having trouble standing in their worth, we look at this passage.  If they have repeated limitations of their success, we check this one out.

This is exactly why I include ALL my Business Academy mentees in my Wisdom Mentorship as well.  For Wisdom Based Business people, the path of healing and self development is INTRINSICALLY linked to the path of growing business and success.

Throughout our lives, we are faced with the challenge to stand up in our own power and voice, even when it seems scary, dangerous, or when trauma fills us with anxiety.  No where do I see this more than for business owners.  Again and again, this path challenges us to stand up for ourselves, to speak up, and to stand in our power, publicly!

This Power Passage is critical for expanding your creativity, your power, your leadership.  That’s why we pay attention to these passages in all of my programs.  They are the key to expanding in all areas of life.

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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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