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Spiritual Flu: Holiday Edition


Spiritual intuitive types like us – we don’t just “get sick.”  Nope.  We have a “clearing” and we “process” deep unresolved stuff really really fast, and it LOOKS like the flu.

Disclaimer: Whether you believe this line of thought or not, I put it to you- it’s a super empowering and positive way to experience “being sick.”  But if you’re willing to check this perspective out, read on.  If you are simply too inflamed by the idea that an illness might have deeper reasons, a purpose, and a productive result, stop reading now.  The rest is just going to bother you.

I’m getting over a cold right now.  My head is still stuffy, and my cough keeps my man up at night.  I’ve got enough energy to write this, but not much else.  I had to cancel on a party I wanted to go to.  I’m behind on work.  And I feel SO GRATEFUL for this process.

I’ve been supporting and teaching women who are experiencing an intuitive awakening for going on 24 years now.  And the Spiritual Flu is something that happens to just about all of us at some point. It’s my cute name for when we get sick but we kind of  know that our higher intelligence just knocked us down because we were refusing to rest, to receive, to allow a more gentle experience of incoming lessons, emotions, and ideas.

Well, the “Holidays” are a very popular time to go DOWN with the Spiritual Flu.  Whether you end up with the sniffles, with the Co-vid, with the winter flubug, or post-Thanksgiving belly bug, you might feel strangely GLAD to have the excuse to crawl under the covers, feel your feelings, and hide from the world.  

Hey, the holiday season brings up a LOT of stuff including family drama trauma, old resentments and disappointments, and the ghosts from Christmas-Hannukah-Kwanza Past.  AmIright?  All that processing (and hopefully healing) can overcome your system.  It can whack you down.  And because you are so responsible and busy, you might fight your intuitive knowing that says, “please stay home tonight and rest.”  

So instead of the consensual resting, you get whacked by the Spiritual Flu in one of her many forms.  It’s like Mother Nature putting you on enforced bedrest.  It’s like your guides putting you in time-out.  But it’s also a way for your system to enter non-ordinary awareness (foggysnotbrain) so that your brain gets out of the way of all that yummy subconscious  processing that really needs to happen.

If you go with it, it can actually be  both pleasurable and effective as a re-set, a way to process some deep stuff and come out the other side better than ever. 

Hey, don’t ignore the whole diagnosis treatment thing.  I’m not saying viruses and infections don’t exist.  I’m saying that these things often have layers (like Shrek’s onion) so while you take responsible care for your body, you can also take responsible care for your emotions, your mindset, your spirit.

Cause sometimes it’s not “just” a flu… it’s a Spiritual Flu!

Does this sound familiar?

Signs that you have the Spiritual Flu
  • You’re freaking intuitive, and at some point before it comes on, you get that feeling like… I’m going to get sick, and it’s all right.
  • It comes when you need time to integrate a big realization you just had, where you courageously chose to give up an old restrictive belief.
  • It nails you especially when you refuse to stop and take it easy when you first get tired.
  • It travels through different parts of your body to clear out that old thought pattern from every cell.
  • During the flu, you have memories pop up, chaotic thoughts related to the pattern you’re releasing. 
  • You have strong emotions move through, causing you to burst into tears at times, even when you’re not THAT achy.
  • You likely have visions or feelings of helpers/angels/spirit guides holding ritual space for you while you release.
  • Somehow, purging (like barfing or pooping or whatever your body is blowing out) becomes a prayerful experience of surrender and gratitude.
  • Your body gets super sensitive and you KNOW what to eat, drink, imbibe… intuitively… to take care of yourself.
  • Help shows up miraculously to support you through the illness.
  • As you begin to feel more well, your mind is super clear (you can see what’s important)…
  • And your heart is super open (you feel sensitive and available).
  • Spontaneous prayer happens, especially as you are feeling better, feeling the clarity, feeling gratitude.
  • When it’s over, you feel like a new person, and your intuitive gift has an “Upgrade” that is obvious to you.  You’re not afraid of the old stuff anymore.  
Extra Stuff that helps if you have the Spiritual Flu (in addition to smart medical care duh):

  • Create sacred space to be “sick” in.  Imagine the sweat lodge.  This is your purification lodge.  Light a candle. Invite your guides in to protect and hold you while you do the work that’s in the hIghest good with this thing. 
  • Treat your invisible team like nurses – order them around!  Let them take care of you!
  • Drink good water with pink salt and lemon, or emergenC or some electrolyte thing of some kind.   Energy work helps even more with this than the “regular” flu.
  • Rest (duh).  
  • No open mouthed kissing.  (Sometimes I just need to be reminded.) 😉
  • Snuggle your pet.  Let them help.  And then later, be sure to clear them so they don’t carry your suffering around.

To wrap this up (xmas gift reference)…

I just want to swing back around to the original idea that if you’re feel zonked, and you want to lie down, just DO it.  The holidays can be intense on many levels.  Yet this is Winter, when we are supposed to be caving and resting.  I’ve noticed that if I follow my inclination to rest, I can kinda PRETEND I have the flu, and with any luck, I can move through the processing stuff WITHOUT getting actually sick!  That’s my favorite!  

Consider this your permission slip to rest before you feel sick, and maybe you wont get sick. There are no spiritual bonus points for feeling miserable while you process stuff.

Merry Merry Happy Happy now go lie down.  Amen.


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  • Marji Tucker says:

    OMG, your timing is impeccable. I am home with a virus as I write. Yesterday I was in meditation and my guides kept showing up to let me know they’re with me. I firmly believe I’ve got the Spiritual Flu.
    Thanks for the confirmation,

  • Marci says:

    Hi there, you mention clearing your pet after they provide support. How does one do this?

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