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The 12 Wisdom Initiations of Your Life

Life is a series of challenges, of lessons, of experiences, right? Sometimes it may seem like there’s no rhyme or reason to the things we experience as we walk through life.  

Yet there are lessons that we all go through, and developmental stages we all experience.  I’ve come to see these common pathways as life passages or initiations.

These are the points along your life’s timeline when, if you lived in earth-based community, you likely would have experienced conscious rites of passage.  These acknowledgements and celebrations are meant to help you move through the life passage with grace, protection, and healing. Ceremonies at each step might have released you from carrying others’ traumas and expectations. Maybe you would have been honored and graced for holding your own power at each step. 

Here are the 9 Life Passages I like to use as a map for my students in my Wisdom Collective and Business Academy, as we go through and reclaim the power and healing from each one to create success and empowerment: 

  1. Conception (where you say YES to life)
  2. Birth (where you claim full embodiment), 
  3. 5-7 Years Old (where you claim choice, discernment and mental sovereignty), 
  4. 8-10 Years Old (where you stay magical and imaginative, using play to create and connect)
  5. 12-14 yearsOld (where you claim creative, sexual, and individual power), 
  6. 21-years-old (where you learn your gifts and purpose), 
  7. 28-years-old (where you claim a job/role of service in your community), 
  8. 52 years old (where you step into your wisdom role instead of a worker-bee)
  9. Death (where you surrender yourself back into the mystery)

And then there are initiations 10, 11, and 12 which happen in the mysterious underworld where we develop Visionary Genius between the worlds! Oh yes, the initiations and learning are not limited even to this human lifetime, according to most ancient mystery schools.  There is so much more!

What we’ve been learning in my Wisdom Collective community is that we can use guided meditation and our collective powerful field to go back and claim healing in these past initiations, and even into  the future ones. While these life passages do lay out on a linear timeline of our lives, they operate more like a ring, or a cycle.  These lessons cycle through our lives again and again.  So you can go BACK in time, and re-do or heal these initiation points, shoring up your own personal foundation of confidence and integrity.  Likewise, LIFE itself sometimes initiates us early – like a young person who comes close to death, receiving her Death Initiation far before she even reaches adulthood.

Do you feel like you have some healing you could do on these life passage points? You’re not alone.  Even my most wealthy and successful clients, and my most aware and enlightened students, get HUGE results from doing the life passages work.  Some pay me 6 figures to walk them through personal retreats until they are all clear. Some join my community to walk through them with me in our group.  And others find that life is initiating them, and it just really helps to know about this concept, and to know the map!

Now, just to take it a step further, there are passages that also happen beyond Death!  Yep.  Anyone who’s been through a dark night of the soul can tell you that even after a big loss, there is a process of deepening, of clearing, and of re-emergence.  We don’t often honor or even mention these dark passages.  But they are a super important part of our journeys.  Always.

Now get this… these 12 passages (the 9 during life, plus the 3 that happen in the Void) correlate to the months of the year.  And, yes, the after death ones happen in the Winter, when we all go into the darkness (in the Northern Hemisphere at least!)  

Both my Wisdom Collective (which is an intuitive development and mystery school membership) and my Business Academy follow along this map of the 12 months, with their 12 energies, and their 12 archetypes which represent the parts of us that need tending, clearing, and embodying on a regular basis.  By following through this natural cycle, we stay in alignment with the elements, the seasons, and the natural cycles of ease and abundance.  Plus we naturally heal ALL parts of ourselves, at just the right times, as we learn the associated spirit-ways and business-ways that align with those energies.

I can’t even tell you how holistic, complete, and connected it all feels to study and learn and heal in this way.

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