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When Law of Attraction FAILS

OK OK I admit it. I’ve always had something against Law of Attraction fanatics. Not Esther. I think she’s amazing.  But people who were listening to her, and then going forth to let their minds be the key to everything. Ugh. Barf. Spiritual arrogance flavored with intellectual superiority.  Two of my least favorite things.

Similarly, if you insist that “Think Yourself Rich“ means you can manifest reality with your thoughts alone, you are in for a big, ugly surprise.  Cause you need the body, the earth, your emotions, and a bunch of other messy stuff to create in this world, Honey.  

For many years, I’ve been sharing this rant in different formats.  Mostly I framed it with my belief that manifestation needs to happen through the body, like a woman births a child. It has to include the emotions, the passions, And, well, the messy real world.

But since I’ve been studying and working with the nine life initiations that we all go through, I realize there’s another reason why this mind centered manifestation work bugs the crap out of me.

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See, the third life initiation that happens around age 7 is about claiming your thoughts, discerning for yourself, and not being held hostage by limiting beliefs. That’s the one that law of attraction and thought-based manifestation teachings are really addressing, I think. They’re teaching us to stop sabotaging ourselves with our own beliefs. And that’s sooo wise and valuable.

The problem is, the initiation that comes after this one is the playful imagination initiation that also happens with childhood, ideally. That one is number four of nine initiations. 

I’ve seen way too many smart over educated folks getting stuck on initiation three, kind of falling in love with their own stewardship of the mind (and related mind-games) in the name of spirituality. 

And then they end up taking themselves way too seriously. They never move onto the next initiation, which is the goofy playfulness that opens us to imagination and magic.  ACK! Spiritual stick in the mud who looks down her nose at folks and never surrenders to a wild orgasm. (did I just type that out loud?  oops)

So now I look at mental manifestation as a step on a journey. But once you get that stuff, you gotta move on. You’ve got to open to the mystery, to your imagination, and get goofy. 

Once you get some control over your mind, you have to throw that perceived control to the winds sometimes and trust your imagination to bust open all the boxes.  Otherwise your mind just finds a new tyrannical voice inside of you with a giant spiritual ego.

So the next time you meet someone who’s taking themselves way too seriously, while claiming to practice the law of attraction or some other mental manifestation kind of thingy, please slip a whoopie cushion onto their chair. You’ll be doing them a favor.


If you want to learn more about the nine life initiations, and the natural cycle of the year that we all follow in order to manifest and create, you’ll be interested in my wisdom mentorship. You can check that out here.

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