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You can be a Profitable Prophet


[RANT] Yes we CAN be Profitable Prophets!


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the world is nutzo. Where is the Truth? Fake news. False leaders. Religions and governments covering up harmful lies. Intentional deceit passed off as “marketing.”

Yet we are experiencing an eruption of Truth from the inside of us.

  • Sometimes you may feel a big resounding Truth shaking you from the inside, demanding you to speak up.
  • Sometimes you may find yourself “accidentally” saying something brilliant and inspired. (“Who was that?!”)
  • Sometimes you may feel a powerful righteous energy pouring through you.
    Sometimes your intuition will turn into a message of insight and wisdom that needs to be shared.

Dude, I think perhaps You’re a Prophet.
There are many of us, and our numbers are growing.
But we are living undercover, putting other labels and roles on ourselves.
Prophesy is our Gift.
Can we please make it acceptable and even “normal?”
Because your/our prophesy wisdom is needed in the world.

Well, dang it, I’m challenging you to take it another step and become a Profitable Prophet – a person who centers their business and life around their most potent gift – around sharing their most valuable wisdom!

In fact, below, I’m going to tell you the 4 Steps to stepping up to being a Profitable Prophet.

Because if you can make a living from your sacred gifts as a “prophet” or wisdom-keeper or healer… then we don’t have you wasting your time frittering or working away at stuff that doesn’t help humanity quite so much as your clear, empowered, message of meaning.

YES I know this is touchy. But ARRRGH it’s ridiculous and needs to be upended.

So many seem to say that prophesy should be limited…
To the religious leaders.
To the ancient biblical prophets.
To the meek and mild and impoverished.

To men mostly, it seems.
Cause if you ask people who is a prophet, they are most likely to name a dude.

And you can’t make money with prophesy…
So who can be a prophet then?
Only the professional religious ones or the rich or sponsored ones I guess.
Cause everyone else kinda has to work for a living. 😉

The Church says there’s No New Prophesy.
That would mean we’d have to rely only on the dead prophets – the ones that lived thousands of years ago, whose words have been passed through unreliable oral traditions of storytelling for hundreds of years before they were ever written down into texts that were adapted, edited, and redacted by various political regimes, and then re-translated at least 3 times into different languages before landing in our modern form of English in a radically different cultural context?

I mean, we do hope these ancient edited words retain some semblance of what was originally spoken by the prophets.

Some say it is a matter of blind faith. That these far distant prophets are the ONLY wisdom we have of what our divine creator wills.

To put it mildly… I disagree.

  • Because I have heard the Truth come through the mouth of children, in words far beyond their years.
  • And I have witnessed devoted humble wise teachers, speaking from their bellies, their hearts, their deepest wisdom, and ringing the bell of Truth in every listener in a crowd.
  • Frankly, I have seen YOU, or someone just like you, allowing yourself to become a channel of genius flowing through, accidentally, surprisingly, and with some rosy red cheeks of delight and shock and embarrassment in the process.

And this is the emergent stuff, translated for our time, our issues, our ears.
Channeled for the NOW.

In my opinion, the art of prophesy is the art of channeling our divinely-given genius through us, putting wisdom to words.
And it’s not limited to dead religious guys.

Yes it is an art, and one to be met with humility, openness, and integrity. Of course.

But we should encourage our Prophets to let themselves be Profitable.
Oh heck yah.
Because we want them to be heard, to be impactful, and to be sustainable.

I say PLEASE, Prophet, be profitable!

I WANT the channels of genius to be prosperous abundant leaders in this world.
I WANT the gifted wisdom-keepers to be paid well for their time, so they can take care of themselves and their families – so they can focus on bringing us the prophesy and clarity we need now.
I WANT you to be a Profitable Prophet.

And NO, you don’t have to become a slimy preacher who spends the church money on wine and women, breeding hypocrisy and creating “prophesy” that is self-serving, manipulative, and sponsoring hate and division.

And NO, you won’t lose our respect when you step up, step out, and let yourself be seen for those unique gifts as a Prophet.

And NO you don’t lose touch with Spirit just cause you have rent money, or even helicopter money!

YES you do need to stay in integrity.
YES you need to utilize your gifts in alignment with the Highest Good.
YES you should have a community of other channels/prophets who help you stay in balance.

You can do that.
I can help, and so can others.
It’s the whole friggen point of my Channel Your Genius Academy, and my work.

Here are 4 Steps I recommend to becoming a Profitable Prophet

1.) Move beyond the Fear
I know it’s scary.
It can be intimidating to stand and speak what you know is True.
I know.
You don’t want to be anyone’s Guru.
You don’t want to be put on a pedestal.
You don’t want to become one of those know-it-all irritating arrogant experts.

But the cost of playing meek and “safe” is keeping your message from being heard.
So buck up, Buttercup, and speak out, with the support of a community.
>>>My Channel Your Gifts community on Facebook is here for you, for example, at no cost.<<<

2.) Listen for your Calling
Your Calling to be Prophet…
It might wake you up in the night sometimes.
It tugs at your heart, Calling you to your purpose.
It won’t let you rest on your pretty little laurels!
Because it’s time…
The world’s changing fast, and we need your wisdom NOW.

Do what you can in your busy life to create quiet spaces so you can hear the Calling, and follow that intuitive Knowing that wants to pour through you.
No one else can speak the message you are here to deliver.
We need you to quiet the distractions, and listen for it.

3.) Speak out in the Real World
You may think that to be a Prophet you have to wander alone in the desert, eating bugs.
Well, if you do, no one is going to hear your Message.
So that’s not going to work anymore.
You may think that to be a Prophet you have to be a big important person.
Even the prophets in the scriptures (read the stories, Dude) were reluctant heroes. They responded to a Calling. They didn’t feel worthy or prepared. They often didn’t even know how to do it. But they stepped up. They answered the Call. And the Big Guy was right there supporting them every step of the way.

4.) Create a business so you can focus on being the Prophet you are.
You know it’s time to become profitable, even as the prophet you are.
Making money any other way is going to leave you empty.
Your throat is literally itching to open, to speak, to teach, to roar the Truth into the world.
You need to make good money doing it – so you can RELAX and focus on what you’re really here to do.

In this modern day and age, we need plenty of prophets, speaking the truth from a grounded place of heart and integrity.
We need the prophets all hanging out together and collaborating to discover what’s True.
We need those prophets (you included, Cutiepants) plugged in to Source, fully embodied in real life and a healthy body, and ready to broadcast Truth worldwide using the internet and all the other tools we have at the ready.

That’s the whole reason I’ve devoted my work, my life, my gifts to raising up the Wise Women, the Prophets, the Channels. They hire me to clarify what they’re REALLY here for, and to strategize a profitable business from that.
That way, their role as a Profitable Prophet can take precedence, and be fulfilled.
What do you need to stand in your own role, Prophet?

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