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Why Compassionate Communication Wins in Marketing

Video Transcript

I feel guilty for marketing. I feel bad about popping into people’s emails and popping up on their feed. Do you feel guilty about your marketing about even reaching out to people because you know as an empath, as a compassionate person, you know that they are getting way too many messages. You know that they’re overwhelmed. You know that they’re wishing all the marketing hoo-ha would quiet down but then you’re not speaking out.

You wonder why people aren’t finding your sacred, deep, transformative work. It’s probably because you’re not speaking out. You’re not speaking out enough. You’re not speaking out in the right ways. Maybe some of the marketing messages you’re putting out there sound trite and boring and like the same old, same old stuff, even though your work is so unique and your approach is so inspired and your guides are leading you to bring new energies that are necessary now. Even though what you’re doing is deep, transformative, channeled, inspired, evolutionary, profound work,

If you just try and describe it in general terms, without deeply contacting your compassion and empathy for what your receivers are really going through right now, you’re right. You sound like all the rest of the boring, aggressive, pushy, manipulative sales tactics out there without meaning to.

If you’re using templates by bro marketers that create urgency and pressure and poke people in the pain points, then you should feel guilty about your marketing because you’re adding to the noise.

If you’re letting AI create repetitive, boring, pushy marketing messages based on everything that’s already on the internet, you should feel guilty about spewing more of that hoo-hah into the world.

So how do you bring forth marketing messages that you don’t have to feel bad about putting out there? The key is your compassion. Your compassion is the foundation of the work that you do. Your deep empathetic connection to the humans that you’re here to support, that is actually the foundation of your whole business. Share that, share from that, share with that, share with compassion. 

Well, how do you do that? I mean, you’re being trained and nudged from all directions to speak in a certain way, to do your work in a certain way, to make offers in a certain way. So how do you break the mold and bring through marketing messages that are deeply compassionate, deeply transformative like your work. How do you bring through messages that are actually giving people a taste of what they’re gonna get when they work more deeply with you?

My favorite way is with a profound, deep acknowledgement that only a quiz can provide a brand new person. So when you make what I call a magic mirror quiz, the kind of quiz that’s not just testing them on how good they already are at something or how far along the path they are or some thinly veiled attempt.

to pre-qualify their income level. Blah. I’m talking about a magic mirror quiz, which looks at the archetypes, the deeper archetypes of the people that you serve, and invites the quiz taker into a personal experience of your deep system and your deep work by taking a little quiz that has maybe seven questions. Simple, concise, easy, fun, compassionate.

Your magic mirror quiz that identifies which archetype the quiz taker is inside of your own system of your own work is like a profound compassionate invitation into receiving some of the benefits of your unique work before they even hire you. It is received as an actual free gift, not just another PDF download checklist ebook thing that we are so tired of.

Your deep dive magic mirror quiz can be the gift of compassion in a busy marketplace. Your work is based in compassion. Your life is based in compassion. Your values are based in compassion. What if your marketing was also based in compassion?

How does a quiz embody that level of compassion? Let me walk you through it. First, the name of the quiz. The name of the quiz. And the name of the quiz is a very important question for you. We’re going to help you find the name of your quiz in the free five day quiz creation challenge coming up. Because identifying the name of your quiz has three important elements. Number one, that name of your quiz has to attract your perfect clients. So it has to be fun and attractive and magnetic to them. 

How do you figure that out? Use your compassion.

Secondly, the name of your quiz will point towards your unique approach, your unique system for these archetypes that you’ll develop as part of creating your quiz. That unique system, those archetypes, is what sets you as a compassionate authority, both compassionate and authority.

Thirdly, the name of your quiz speaks to the soul of your chosen client. So while yes, the words definitely will call to their mind, the energy of the name of your quiz will call to them energetically as well. There is a magnetism to the right quiz when it fits your biz.

Once the people are drawn to the name of your quiz, they get into the questions and answers of your quiz. To be compassionate with the questions and answers of your quiz, the questions and answers need to be concise and clear. Not too long, not rambling, not vague, not generic, not boring.

And that’s why it takes some strategy. And we’ll be looking at some of that in the five day free quiz creation challenge. And of course, those folks who will join me for the quiz creation course that I’ll be guiding live will get a lot more information about that. In fact, those who are at the business level of that will get my direct copy editing because you might be a great writer. You might be a great marketing copywriter.

But writing the questions and answers for a multiple choice quiz that identifies your ideal clients takes special strategy. I’m gonna teach you some of that special strategy. If you join my program, I will directly coach you on that special strategy so that the quiz works, so that the quiz is interesting for people, so that they stick through all your questions. And so that by the time they get to their short answer results,

They’re crying a little bit out of a deep recognition. That’s why I call these types of quizzes, which are unique, the deep magic mirror quiz, because the reflection that is provided by this quiz is profound, like your work is profound.

After the questions and answers, which they’re gonna move right through because you’ve written them in a concise, clear, strategic way, they land on their short results paragraph and that is where your compassion for them really shines through. Like I said, our goal when we’re writing and designing a magic mirror quiz in my program is to get that short result paragraph so that person reads those few sentences and is deeply moved. 

What’s the key to writing that, to getting them to that deeply moved place? It’s compassion, compassionate communication, deep compassion. We get inside the skin of this archetype of your client. We can speak to their challenges and their strengths better than they’ve ever been able to put words to them. And when you have that, that’s when like many of my clients have noticed, your reach goes wild even organically because people wanna share that quiz with other people. People get to that short results paragraph and they cry a little bit and they wanna share it. The magic of having a profoundly compassionate magic mirror quiz is that it is so moving in the experience and in the results.

It is so deeply acknowledging of something this person is rarely seen for, that they share it with everyone they know, because they’re curious about the types and they’re curious to see what the other people in their lives would align with of your archetypes.

Compassionate communication can be automated through a quiz funnel like this, because it’s your words, it’s your compassion, and it’s your system. It’s not just AI spewing out stuff. It’s not you handing over your voice to a robot. It’s you creating the step-by-step compassionate communication pathway in such a way that you don’t have to speak to every single person. They sign up for your programs because they feel like you know them and they know you. 

And that, my friends, is the magic of compassion in marketing. I know no better way to achieve that than through a deep magic mirror quiz. And I’m very excited to show you how to do that to give you the chance to learn that free and to give you the chance to do that with me over a few months where you build the kind of system that can bring you a steady stream of clients for the rest of your time in business. Because your compassion is what needs to be leveraged in marketing.

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