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Embodied channeling (not just straight channeling)
for creating in the real world.

Channeling is fun. It’s groovy to get the downloads. It’s fascinating to tap the endless streams of cosmic information and frequencies. It’s amazing to allow all of that content and juju flow through you and out your mouth. It seems impressive. It makes people go wow. And then it leaves them to try and integrate it into real life. That’s what we call “straight channeling.”  But there’s a different way to channel that I think is more useful. I call it embodied channeling.  

Before we talk about embodied channeling,  let’s look at the 3 important questions that many channels forget to ask before they turn on this powerful conduit, and let it all come through. 

One: What exactly are you welcoming through your channel? Who is that “spirit guide?“ What is the intention of that energy?  Is that indeed a higher power with the highest good in its intention and a clear clean energy? If you are tuning a car radio, you’ll pick a good station you like, and avoid the talkshows spewing lies, right?  Similarly, you gotta be careful about whose frequency you are amplifying through your own body and voice as a channel.

Two: Is that energy friendly to your physical body? Even cosmic forces that want to be helpful… They are not always harmonious to working through a human like you. Even the most fascinating, high vibe energy can leave you feeling depleted, exhausted, dehydrated, and even a little wiggy afterwards. I wonder if that’s why many professional psychics and channels have a hard time with their physical health?

I’ve seen that different guides and energies have more interest and ability in leaving you better than they found you. Many don’t seem to understand the potential damage to your body systems. So this is another place to be very discerning, and to negotiate with the energies asking to come through you. You don’t invite just anyone into your house, so please don’t just invite anyone through your body.

Three:  How can I live and embody this channeled message/energy in my own life, to LIVE it myself, before I proclaim myself an expert? How can I embody this wisdom instead of relinquishing responsibility for the energies and messages that come through me because I am “just the Channel.“

See, energy that comes flooding through in an ecstatic state has not yet really become an embodied transmission until the human channel has integrated it, walked it in their own life.  When someone has not only been receiving the messages, but also integrating them, practicing them, and then embodying them… That’s what I call embodied channeling.

An embodied channel emanates the energy of the wisdom.  You can feel it when they walk up to you, a sense of embodied wisdom. They’ve made sense of it in their own life, so they can speak to it as a teacher, as a mentor, as a coach.  They don’t shrug their shoulders and disavow all responsibility for what comes through them. Quite to the contrary, they are able to explain, exemplify, and directly transmit a lived experience of the wisdom. 

Are they inspired? Yes. Are they constantly receiving new downloads? Yes. The difference is, they are receiving the downloads, and then applying them to their own life first, before moving on.

When you listen to an embodied channel speak, you feel welcomed, invited, possibly confronted but genuinely empowered and lifted up.

When you listen to a straight channeling, you will probably feel “the energy” and the words will sound vaguely impressive or even intimidating. You may feel the energy having an effect on you directly, but you likely will not be left with an empowered clear message you can use right away. Rather, you will be left to interpret and integrate whatever you received on your own. You might leave that event feeling impressed by the channel. You might feel like you need them to channel to you again, because something doesn’t feel finished.

Of course, there are people who have a combination of both straight channeling and embodied channeling. This often happens when the channeling person has an ongoing relationship with the wisdom energy that comes through them. They continue to embody each level that the wisdom energy brings through them.  That way even when they are bringing new downloads through, they have already integrated and embodied much of the foundational information that it builds upon, layer by layer embodying it.

Embodied channels often walk in the world as inspiring leaders. Many of them don’t speak about the fact that they download their new ideas, their best wisdom, and their innovations directly from spirit. They don’t need to. They don’t want to be confused with the straight channelers who go into trance, giving themselves over to an energy to use. They identify more as a co-creative partner with their wisdom source.

In my opinion, we need embodied channeling more than straight channeling.  We don’t need to be distracted or wowed by impressive energies. We need true role models.  We need true leaders. I think it is the embodied channels we need now to lead this world from a deep co-creative conscious partnership with heaven and earth.

What do you think?

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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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