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Embrace the Divine Feminine: God the Mother

Video Transcript

Happy Mother’s Day. Today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I want to acknowledge that God does not have genitals. I want to acknowledge that most ancient Earth based traditions, however, prayed to a great bursar of reality, a bursar. I want to acknowledge that when it comes to praying, we’re asking or manifesting your wealth and good things in life, the luxuries or the softness, the food, the places to be.

The feminine principle. Has a bit more of that, doesn’t it? Earth mama. She knows about money. She knows about stuff. She knows about food. She knows about creatures more than the masculine cosmic principle that maybe knows about ideas, expansion, direction. Now, yeah, I’m talking satirically about the masculine in the feminine right now, so sue me. But I guess the main thing that I want to say is today, God is a mother.

Today I want to challenge you, invite you to not only pray to the goddess as if she is something separate from God, but rather.

To make contact with the great bursar, the bursar of reality, the part of our Divinity and our Holy Spirit that is nurturing and fierce in protection, that is deep and wise, that is of this earth, not just of the heavens. That’s my challenge, because I think that is the best gift you could give your mom. Your mom, in this lifetime, on this planet.

Your mom who birthed you from her body, this earth birth source from her body with her body in her body every day, this mama Earth, this feminine principle. And I don’t know about you, but I prayed to a male God because that’s what was allowed in the Catholic Church. You got the father and the son, and then you got this Holy Spirit that doesn’t have a gender.

Great. And then you’ve got the Virgin. That’s about what you get there. So I feel like there’s some making up to do. And if you agree, I just want to invite you to join me in connecting with Reverend saying, celebrating God the Mother, God the Mother. Not some far off goddess of a distant land or a distant culture.

But simply the Mother Big Mama, the divine bursar of all. Let’s give her some play, shall we? Let’s give her some attention, shall we?

Not as a rebellion.

As a celebration. And also call your mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

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  • Sheilah McErlane says:

    That was so needed by me and many ORDINARY folk who honour and slip into our deepness who have never found. ‘Their gift their path’ and feel unease with how easy it seems to be for everyone else. Being loving to the earth and a non-gender consciousness sounds just right. Being all the noble stuff is wonderful and I’m so grateful to the amazing souls -like yourself who help us be aware of how huge and magnificent we are and can be in our ordinariness. You are a Great Mother. Thank you. X

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