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Goat Shenanigans: Finding Joy in the Fool's Energy!

Video Transcript

You know, people ask me, why do I keep goats? I mean, I’ve got permaculture reasons because their poop and their, pee in their straw and the chicken poop. And here’s the chickens. See? But pork, there’s good reasons, right? I mean, I’ve got my excuses as to why I keep goats. I’ve. I’ve bred them. I’ve milked them.

We’ve made cheese. But the real reason that I keep goats is because they’re hilarious. You’re hilarious. You’re all hilarious. Crybaby. They’re funny and they’re sweet, and they remind me of my own inner child. Like when I was a little girl, I wanted a farm with goats and chickens, and I was a little girl. I wasn’t thinking, oh, I want a farm with goats and chickens because it’ll be good permaculture.

They’ll go and eat the fire load and make the land happier. I wanted goats and chickens because they’re adorable and they put the tripod. When you trying to record? They’re rascals. You’re rescue. Yeah, they’re rascals and they’re sweet. They’re forever children. And I think they remind us to be that too, right? Hey, don’t scratch your horns on my tripod, guys.

Now. Hey, here. Let’s see if I can capture some of these shenanigans. Shenanigans? These are the shenanigans, goat maker. I mean, the shenanigans making goats. Yeah. Anyways, I just want to call this out because this month we’re talking about the energy of the fool archetype and the importance of play and the importance of staying connected with the parts of us that do the shenanigans that have fun, that, that aren’t just about business, that aren’t just about, I don’t know the to do lists because goats are definitely an energy that will upset your to do list.

Right, baby? Yeah. So here’s a little message on the importance of play and joy and pets. Staying connected to the little creatures. because that’s what keeps us connected to play and fun and, and this way of just doing things because they’re fun. this is what makes life worth living. It’s also what prepares us for power. Because where we’re going next on the wheel of wisdom is power.

And before we can go there, we gotta be playful and not take ourselves too seriously and embrace the shenanigans like a goat.


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