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How to Have Perfect Timing (Align with the cycles you’re not paying attention to yet!)


Have you ever felt like things were happening in perfect timing for you? It’s a wonderful feeling, the sense that you are in sync with some unseen rhythms. Everything goes right, without effort.  It’s like everything is just lining up while the Universe dances to the beat of your song!

I know.  It doesn’t happen all the time.  Maybe it happens more when you’re on vacation.  Somehow, in disconnecting from your regular routines, you are able to slip into a magical reconnection with your perfect timing cycles. But it seems mysterious, magical, and oh so rare.

Perfect timing on vacation. Duh. (Eyeroll) I mean, it helps when you can sleep for as long as you’d like, and follow your instincts when and how you eat, basically do whatever you want.  When else can you go totally with your own flow?  For most of us, we only get to do that on vacation!

But how do you create this in “real life” to get things done! I mean, I’m a Pisces, and I love to have time in my day, where I can follow my flow, and not just my to do list. So creating spaces like that is important, I think.

But there are also some natural flows that we can track and align with in order to create more experiences of “perfect timing.“  YES. There is a map for this. And I’m going to share some of it with you here.

We all know there are natural cycles that we don’t have time/opportunity/ability to connect with constantly.  And there are larger timing cycles we know exist, but we don’t have time/energy/awareness to do anything with them either.

For example, we all know there are different chapters in our lives, defined by ages that work for different things. How we move through our teenage years is different than how we move in our middle years, for example. And yet our modern culture is constantly pushing us to move as fast, produce as much, impress everyone all the time –  as we do in our most fertile active years.  And when we don’t “keep up” with the pace of a 30 year old, we are told we are outdated and useless. 

Of course this is bullsh*t.  Mature people have more wisdom, experience, and grounded authority.  Most of my clients are professional, wise women, in their middle years, fighting against the youth-enamored grain to embrace their most potent, powerful, and magical years of their lives.  Culture is beginning to notice that it is the wise mature folks who can lead with integrity and wisdom.  But there is still a push to work against your own rhythm.

How about the cycles of  nature? There are different seasons of nature, with different energies affecting us each month of the year. And yet we tend to ignore them, and we miss out on leveraging their power.

We are not designed to operate in the deep winter like we do in the summer, of course. That one is easy to recognize as we push through the holiday season, wishing we could just enter a cave and rest.  

But there are also subtle differences from month-to-month, which we used to notice, back when we relied on hunting and gathering from nature. For example, here in the Northern hemisphere, the month of October into November is honored by many indigenous traditions as the darkening time, when we should honor the ancestors, and the bridge across life and death.  The Winter Solstice in December anchors the darkest time of the year, which is meant for resting and dreaming. Likewise, all over the world, the shift into May is honored as a time to celebrate fertility, sexuality, and a rise in active creative energies.  

Do you think it’s a coincidence that earth-connected cultures around the world honor the SAME energies at the same times?  

We modern folk FEEL these things in our bodies, but we push past them.  When we ignore the monthly seasonal cycles, we lose our perfect timing.

These monthly shifts affect us all, but our modern techno based culture tends to ignore these shifts. Worse, we treat these shifts as things to overcome. We are pressured to create a consistent, nonstop workflow. This pushes us humans out of our natural, magical flow, and into the mechanical like a machine. 

Just a few hundred years ago, before the use of electrical lights, we all lived by the light of the moon in the evening, and sun by day. There was no choice, but to align with our natural circadian rhythms. Now, most of us have no idea what phase of the moon we are in. And yet the moon affects us deeply, just as it affects the tides of the ocean. We are made up of water, too, after all (over 90%)! And we might vaguely notice the effects on humans by the moon (Anyone who has worked in an ER will tell you how crazy it can get on a full moon, for example), but we ignore it, push past, and keep trudging along.

We are missing out on the opportunity for easeful manifestation and clearing when we ignore the moon.

The moon cycles create a natural rhythm for us. As the moon grows full, a subtle magnetic tug builds tumescence in our bodies, supporting our natural flow towards creation and building. As the moon wanes, the magnetic pole shifts to support us in an underlying movement of relaxation, surrender, and release. All of nature feels this pole. We are not immune to the power of the moon. This can be a powerful amplifier of our intentional manifestation power. Yet we ignore it, generally. And in doing so, we miss a potent opportunity to drop into a sense of perfect timing. We miss out on leveraging these natural cycles, and more, too align with our inherent, natural cycles and perfect timing.

With the help of my indigenous Tlish Diyan teacher, Maria Yraceburu, I’ve created a simple cyclical calendar to help us drop in into perfect timing and alignment with nature’s cycles. I call it the “Wheel of Wisdom.” It tracks the monthly cycles and archetypes, the spiraling way time moves through the year, the energies and gifts of each month, and even the life passage that aligns with each month.

Month by month, the folks in my community drop into the theme and archetype that align with the ever-changing seasons in the northern hemisphere. Even my business mentorship students focus on aspects of their business month-to-month that align with these natural cycles. This is perhaps my biggest trick to doing business in a way that is easier, more effortless.  It works simply because we are leveraging the forces of nature.

I also share my more detailed tracking calendar, which I have nicknamed “Mellissa‘s Magical Calendar“ with everyone in any of my programs (even my Wisdom Collective mystery school that is less than $100 a month). This simple little shared Google calendar tracks the phases of the moon, the times when the moon is “void of course” creating a sort of foggy suspended time when “nothing happens.” 

Tracking these natural cycles has become one of the most powerful tools in my business in life. And it’s fun to see my students and mentees notice their life grow easier just by aligning with these cycles.

I’ll offer you an image of the Wheel of Wisdom here so you can get started noticing and following the monthly energies in alignment with  your nature. And you can let me know if this helps you sync in with your perfect timing!

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