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A Sacred Journey of Transformation and Renewal

Video Transcript

Oh, sister! Menopause is a rebirth, not a death. Some of it dies. Yeah, that’s for sure. Some of our old ideas, our old operating system of pushing and stressing and forcing stuff to happen. Yeah, That dies. Yeah. Our. Our identities of, like, being the fresh, pretty ingenue turns. It’s everywhere she goes. Yeah. That. That dies. Yeah. Our old coping mechanisms of just serving everyone to try and earn love.

Yeah. That dies, too. That dies, too. But there’s also a rebirth. There’s some beautiful little temple. Here is something we built this year. It’s built of mud. It’s built of cob. So straw and sand and clay, soil. And it is a sacred place. It’s a temple here on the land that I steward called Sacred Cedars with some amazing land and community mates.

But this is really the place where we live. The wheel of wisdom that I teach in my programs and and offer. So that there’s a map for this transformative time and for all transformative times. Yeah. And guess what? A little swept temple like this. And the the experience of being in a sweaty place. It’s meant to represent the womb.

It’s meant to represent the spiritual cooker that we find ourselves in. So, if you’ve got some hot flashes, you might have some of your own sweat going on. There are ceremonies. I’m really excited because next month, in April, I’m going to have my wisdom leadership people here. So we’ve got the Wisdom Collective people who will be here tuned in online.

And then I have my wisdom, leadership people, and my business pro-people will be here and get to sit with me in this temple and these are times for ceremony, These are times for gathering. And if you are a wise woman of middle years who’s going through this transition, this this death and this rebirth of a man of passage, menopause, then just know that there are ceremonies for this.

There is wisdom about this. It’s a rebirth even more than a death. It’s a rebirth. And if you want some community around that and a map for that and support for this spiritual reclamation that you can feel in your heart that you’re here to be a part of, come join us in the Wisdom Collective. My Apache mama is there.

Maria. Yes. Through teaching us from her indigenous roots, growing up on the rez, on the land, doing ceremony her whole life with people. My teacher is there to teach us the mysteries of the bees. My own healers are there. Alora Cheek, Jeremiah DeRosa. We have some really incredible mystery still stuff going on that’s super down to earth, and it’s here to support you on your journey because it’s you who’s rebirthing.

And there is nobody who’s going to tell a menopausal wise woman exactly how to reverse. We’re all different. We’re all evolving, and we’ve all got our own piece of wisdom. And your piece of wisdom, sister, is welcome with me. Happy birthday, wise woman.

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