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Why Our Leaders Act Like Teenagers:
The Forgotten Puberty Passage

Video Transcript

There’s a reason why the leaders of our world act like teenagers, blustering and being bossy and. Kind of wielding their power from their ego and sometimes without any sense of control or integrity. So it’s not just the leaders. It’s our culture. When you look around and you wonder, how is it that people can create such travesties through so much greed and shortsighted vision?

When you look at our corporate structure and say, how is it that we’ve created legal structures that support corporations to act only for profit at the most superficial monetary value, without acknowledging deeper meaning, deeper value, deeper purpose? It’s an intrinsic sickness we’ve created in our culture. As I’ve learned to look at life as a cycle full of cyclical and cumulative life passages that build wisdom along the way.

I’ve noticed that one life passage that we do not celebrate as a community, as a culture, is one of the most pivotal and important life passages. And that is the puberty passage. When we go through puberty, we become full of power, a new power, the power to create life. Yeah, it’s sexual power. But the hormonal, sexual, physical movements are there for a purpose, to literally co-create life with another person and with the mystery itself.

To create life, to co-create.

If you think back to your teenage years when you came into this power in your body. Tell me. Were you celebrated? Was this passage honored? Were there elders and teammates, family mates there to help instill in you the respect and reverence for this co-creative power that was surging through your body and mind and emotions? Were you given a framework?

A guideline, a path to follow so that you could grow into this power with support?

As we know, this sexual awakening power that happens in these years is fiery, and it can feel wild. It can feel overwhelming. Were you given the space to make mistakes? Were you given permission to explore while simultaneously being held in a grounded role? Modeling of integrity?

How comfortable were your parents and your teachers and the adults around you with your burgeoning, passionate sexual awakening?

I dare say that for most of us in this modern culture. Our sexual and co-creative awakening in those years was not given a ton of space or grounded permission, felt guidance, or reverent sacred ceremony.

Instead, most of us were left to look to a culture that has desecrated. Sex that has commodified and commercialized.

And traded sexual power out of greed. Compulsion. Addiction. Escapism.

And the misuse of power.

What would be different?

If every kid who hits that pinnacle of shift were given the space and the dignity, the guidance and the permission to stand in that co-creative power and to learn how to wield it, how to steward it. How to use it with integrity. I’m not just talking about sex.

When we move through this life passage, we become power for. We don’t remain ones who are used or enslaved or.

Mistreated. Misused. Abused. We step into our power as co-creators with heaven and earth, as choosers and deciders and actors as action takers, as manifest ers.

I long for a world where we are all consciously co-creating our lives with nature, the earth, that which is natural and our guidance, the spirit of love that created us and holds us and guides us every day. I long for that world to you.

On the Wheel of Wisdom, which is our calendar and map of the cycles of creation. This month is the month of co-create, or this is the month where in my programs we are healing and activating that power of being a co-creator in this world. And part of that is, yes, healing that which may have been missing in the past in terms of that life passage.

We also recognize that this is not a one time deal. And I bet in your life there have been experiences that have re initiated you into your sexual creative power, into your path as a co-creator with heaven and earth that have taught you painful lessons and beautiful lessons about what it is. To hold and steward the power of creation as a human being.

So I invite you this month, whether you want to join us in the Wisdom Collective and do this very consciously with our map and with our teachers, and like in a delicious, delicious community, or whether you have your own way, your own mentors, your own teachers that are supporting you on this path of co-creating your own lifestyle, destiny, making good choices, and then celebrating the fruits of your actions.

I’m inviting you to just activate this knowing that yes, when you went through puberty, you stepped into power as a co-creator and that it’s never too late to heal. To release the B.S. around that and to step into your power as one aligned with the highest good. Using your power, your channel between heaven and earth to create good things according to your unique path.

I’m glad you’re here, and if you tune in with me, I’ve got lots of quizzes and assessments and free stuff, as well as some powerful, powerful mentorship programs to support you as a leader, as a mentor, as a co-creator.

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