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Thank you for filling out the Work With Me Survey.

Your answers indicate that you’re ready to grow a Wisdom-based business that springs from your natural (and supernatural!) gifts.  You’re ready to grow into full abundance, without working too hard.  I bet you’ll love the unique business strategies I draw from, as I specialize in working with channels, with sensitive creatives, with Wise Women!

I've got some options for you!

If you’re ready to really grow your multi-six to seven figure Wisdom based business (one that follows your deeper calling)…

Channel Your Genius Academy

This is a one-stop business coaching, training, and energetic support program designed just for sensitive creative Wise Women with wisdom-based businesses! 

This includes the private sessions if you sign up now!)

Investment: $750/month

If you’re ready to go FAST, by having me download all your clarity in one day, saving you years of wondering, struggling, and fumbling…

VIP Business Clarity Package

This is my most popular offering!  In one whopper session, you get your entire business plan – starting with a deep intuitive reading to identify your unique gifts, purpose, and guides… then offering a HUGE potent clearing of all blocks to success… then a full detailed business plan with marketing copy already written for you.  Click below to learn more about the VIP session…

Mellissa is sitting at a table with her laptop and a podcasting microphone

Just in case you landed on this page, but you’re not really ready to build your business…

Valuable Expert

A video-guided process to clarify your best business, your niche specialty, your ideal focus, and your valuable expertise!

This includes the private sessions if you sign up now!)

Investment: $750/month

Not sure what's the right next step?

Book a complimentary session with Mellissa and find out!

Compassionate Marketing Strategy and Key Copywriting

Lead Generating Quiz Funnel Design & Kindness-Based Marketing Strategies.

For successful entrepreneurs, I channel through your perfect-fit copy, programs design, and lead-generating quiz funnel design.

I hope I get to help you create the business of your dreams, using the gifts of your soul, to serve the world of a positive future!

Map of Genius Incarnate

Hi! I'm Mellissa Seaman.

If you’re serious about starting a business that brings your gifts to the world …

and you might be ready to invest a few hundred dollars a month to build a business that makes you thousands of dollars a month…

then click the button below to check out my business offerings.

They cost a bit more, but they allow you to build a foundation to make money and never stress over spending a few hundred dollars again.