Few people know more about the world around them than Maria Yraceburu.  Her knowledge cannot be learned in any university, however – it’s hardwired into her system by the generations of her family who have lived on this sacred land for thousands of years.  

You’ll find her at ruins and sacred powerful healing landscapes, where she works as an earth spirit guide with Yraceburu EarthWisdom, her family’s foundation.  Hiking through trails leaving offerings, she points out things that you’d normally never recognize.  “Stand here and see what you feel; the energy can help you to build your power and heal.  And there, there’s your confirmation… see the hawk circling just as you are complete in your connection; it’s a good sign.”  Maria has been trained by her family to tell you more about the spirit of this land than any book learning can.

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode: 

  • Connection With Land And The Magical World
  • Psycho-Communication Techniques 
  • Expansion
  • Patterns of Emotions and Nature
  • Destruction of Labels and Power of Thought
  • Cultures and Spirituality

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