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As an intuitive female alchemist & female mentoress, Ariane Schürmann guides truth-loving and freedom- thirsty women into their self-realization, so that they recognize their own essence in the mirror of light and allow their beauty to shine and radiate in- and outwards ,thus reclaiming their birthright to live a free, fulfilled and happy life. She advocates the rebirth of feminine values, in every single woman and in the world´s consciousness. Ariane is an author of 5 published books, an international retreat leader, and a recognized expert in female leadership. She lives with her husband, her 3 beautiful children and a free roaming horse herd in the Golden Oaks Ranch in Tuscany, Italy.

She burns for the resurrection of integrated female leadership planetwide.

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Feminine power
  • Overcoming Sickness and Depression
  • HER
  • Women Initiations & Leadership Academy
  • Unity of Women Cross culturally  
  • The Divine Woman

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