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Map of Genius Incarnate: 9 Life Passages

Let’s talk about how the Map of Genius Incarnate can help you.

You are smart. You are gifted.And sometimes, when you are open and channeling your highest gift, you are a friggin genius!  

As you’ve walked through your life passages, the initiation of challenges and relationships and radical synchronicities, you’ve had the opportunity to upgrade your power, to open your channel, and to increase your wisdom.

Yet, the difficulties and traumas you have faced in your life have also left some scar tissue. You were not always supported and welcomed and affirmed at each stage of your life. So of course, there is always more healing to do, layer by layer.

All these upgrades, all this healing, and this meandering path of yours – it can be overwhelming and difficult to see with clarity. That’s why it’s so nice to have a Map of Genius Incarnate.

For the past 20 years, with the support of my teachers including my indigenous teacher Maria Yraceburu of the Tilt Cheyenne tradition, I’ve been improving and evolving a map that I use with my creative professional clients to track, support, and accelerate their healing and evolution into their own genius.  Now, it’s that time for me to share that map with you.

Map of Genius Incarnate

Even when you’re smart, capable, and gifted, You have to open beyond your previous self, to heal the wounds of the past, and to expand in collaboration with your spirit in order to channel more and more of your genius. Eventually, you become an unembodied aligned transmission and emanation of your unique genius in the world. This is what I call becoming Genius Incarnate. And I think this should be the goal of every leader.

As part of this journey, There are nine life passages that we walkthrough. These are connected to particular ages in our lifetimes, but they do not always happen in order. Some very young people are initiated by death, for example, by having a near death experience or by experiencing a loss that drives them into the darkness of deep grief and surrender. Likewise, we have the ability to go back in time and heal initiations that were either nonexistent or incomplete in our lifetimes. This is the path of healing our blocks, building our power, opening our channel, and cultivating our four types of genius: embodied genius, creative genius, integrative genius, and visionary genius.

When all four types of genius are unblocked and supported in us, and our channel is open to flowing them through us, then we become genius incarnate. We become leaders who embody our true gifts.

Here is an overview of how the life passages align with developing the 4 types of genius:

Embodied Genius is developed with:

  1. Enthusiasm Passage, at Conception, is when we claim our ability to move, to take action.
  2. Embodiment Passage, at Birth, is when we feel welcome, and fully inhabit our body and its wisdom.

Creative Genius is developed with:

  1. Choice Passage, in Childhood, is when we are allowed to discern and choose for ourselves.
  2. Magic Passage, in Childhood, is when we embrace the magic of play and serendipity.
  3. Power Passage, at Puberty, is when we claim our sexual creative power as manifestors.

Integrative Genius is developed with:

  1. Purpose Passage, at age 21, is when our gifts are reflected, discovered, claimed and honored.
  2. Service Passage, at age 30, is when we are called to put our gifts to service for the community.

Visionary Genius is developed with:

  1. Wisdom Passage, at age 50, is when we move from working to being a wise leader.
  2. Surrender Passage, with death, is when we surrender our control and fear into peace.

This is a very terse overview of something rich and complex, yet a journey we all take and learn from.

It’s worth understanding how this development of genius rolls out in your life so that you can track where you might want to give more attention and healing, to develop all 4 types of genius, and open your channel to fully incarnate into your genius.

It’s too much to tackle in one article. So in the next few blog pieces, I will be sharing the map of this journey.   We will address each of the four types of genius you have, and how the related passages may have helped or hindered you.  We will also look at how to heal and improve in these areas!  If you want to hear more of an overview of this map, I give a complete overview of the nine life passages and how they cultivate the four types of genius in this podcast episode here.

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