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You’ve always been smart, and somewhat intuitive. Certainly creative. But GENIUS?
In this series of episodes, Mellissa shares the secrets of how we become Genius Incarnate – by healing our life passages, and integrating our four types of genius.

In this first episode, she gives an overview of the Map of Genius we all follow through our lifetimes. She elucidates the 9 life passages that hold the power for us to reach our full potential. She reveals the ways we can seemingly go back (or forward) in time to heal these life passages, to strengthen our abilities to bring our greatest genius to the world.

Our modern culture tends to emphasize the intellect as genius. Yet those leaders who we honor as having spirit, heart, and full integrity radiate the four types of genius we learn here. Embodied Genius is what we have when we take full residence in our body and emotions, giving access to deep emotional intelligence and profound calm known also as somatic intelligence. Embodied Genius is activated by a good conception and birth passage.

Creative Genius is the savant ability we have to drop into a flow of great ideas, optimism, and easy problem-solving. It is activated by the childhood initiations of being allowed mental sovereignty over our choices, and of having freedom to play and create. It is further activated by the puberty rites that initiate us into our sexual and creative power – the power to create.

Integrative Genius relates to the gifts of listening, communicating, and collaborating. And it is activated by the teen initiation, which calls us into relating with integrity, and it is further honored and fulfilled in the adulthood initiations of Purpose and Service, where we learn our gifts and are called into service by our community.

Finally, Visionary Genius gives us access to wisdom beyond understanding. It is where we activate our refined intuition, our connection with spirit, and our ability to forecast the future, access otherworldly support and wisdom, and see beyond the ordinary to collaborate in the highest good. Our Wisdom initiation of elderhood, along with our Death initiations (including our close calls with death and our episodes of loss) activate our other-worldly abilities.

The rites of passage are anchored at different points along our lifetimes, and yet we can access and heal these points in the past and even in the future. Time is not a limiting factor. And it is never too late to heal our conception, and gain enthusiasm for life again… or to heal our puberty rites, and release shame to claim our full power of manifestation.

This Map of Genius Incarnate is one way to understand things we rarely speak of. It is influenced by the sharings of Maria Yraceburu, Tlish Diyan teacher and storyteller. And with her encouragement, it is a new version that can be understood and utilized by modern creative professionals to access their power in ways that matter most. This is the backbone system Mellissa uses to help her clients heal, grow, expand, and succeed on accelerated timelines and in a drama-free conscious way.

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Why the deepest work I do is when I guide brilliant creative professionals back through the 9 Life Passages, with honoring, healing, and empowerment. 
  • 4 Types of Genius: Embodied, Creative, Integrative, and Visionary Genius
  • How these genius types align with the 9 Life Passages

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