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In today’s episode, Mellissa is speaking with Elyna Anderson, a Nature-Based Business Strategiest that is devoted to the blooming of desire into pragmatic work. Elyna specializes in growing business in a way that feels natural to the founder. Her consulting company Bloom Lucid is rooted in her Earth Science education from UC Berkeley and decade of experience as a right-hand woman to 6 and 7 figure business owners.

Connect with Elyna: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Her Quiz

If you’d like to create an archetype quiz for your own sacred business, come to the free live training on April 5 and Mellissa will teach you how!


Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • How Bloom lucid was born
  • Physical earth and how it relates to our path as women and business owners
  • Elyna’s profound quiz that gives you the validation of who you are
  • Quizzes and how they can be a client attractor

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