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Super Transmitters and Walking Taras


Have you ever met a woman who is so magical, magnetic, and beautiful but in some different way – like she’s emanating the potent energy of an ancient goddess… and at the same time she’s a normal chick, a sensitive empathic woman… and you wonder… is she carrying something special?  Is she “possessed” by something bigger?

If you’ve taken the Soul Gift Quiz, maybe you learned that you or someone you love is a “Transmitter” Soul Gifted type. These are deeply sensitive, empathic people who are designed to emanate a certain healing or evolutionary energy in the world. 

Especially compared to the systems-critiquing Creator type, or the teaching-and-writing Messenger types, Transmitters are somewhat invisible in our modern culture that bases the value of humans on what they do, what they earn, and how they prove themselves.  Because Transmitters are “working” 24/7, and their contribution is energetic first, not a “thing” or a creation or a translation or a system.  It is invisible to a world that does not track energies.

Even though their gifts are not readily acknowledged or tracked in our culture,  Transmitter types are important.  They provide a force of global evolution, affecting the collective in all moments. When they are clear, relaxed, and “ON,” they have the power to light up the world.  Their magnetic juju pulses in our communities, our families, and our world. They are like finely tuned transmission towers, who radiate a certain light, shine a certain way, and embody certain transmission that touches those around them.

Transmitters are very sensitive, though. They often struggle with sensitive digestive and immune systems. They are Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) who can take on the toxicities of energetics, substances, and emotions of those around them. They have to tend their bodies more carefully than most.  They learn to establish boundaries to protect themselves from being kind of poisoned by everyone else.  It’s awkward. They don’t like feeling like a sensitive diva all the time, but if they are to stay clear, they know they have to tend themselves carefully.

Many of the folks that I work with are Transmitters. They come to me because they don’t know how to make sense of their gifts to the rest of the world, and they want to establish a business that shares their gifts while making sense and making money. 

Since Transmitters are by nature, giving their gift every day, 24 hours per day, they often feel like they shouldn’t have to have a “job.”  And honestly, it makes sense.  It’s ideal if they can have a “business” where people have an excuse to pay them for what they already give all the time, wrapped up in a system or package that solves a specific problem for people.  I’ve become known for my ability as a “niche witch” for Transmitters. I use both my intuition and my intellect, and it’s not easy.  Honestly, it takes some strategy, positioning, and the right words to position Transmitters as the experts they truly are, because of these issues of invisibility and the ineffable nature of what they carry.  It is felt, not seen.  It is subtle, yet palpable.  It is transformative.  And people in our modern culture don’t always value transformation!

I’ve talked to, counseled, and coached thousands of Transmitters over the past 20 years. And in that time, I’ve come to recognize that there are different kinds of Transmitters!  And it is important for Transmitters to feel seen, recognized, and understood- by me, by others, and most of all by themselves.  When Transmitters understand exactly which type they are, it encourages them to step up into their unique form of leadership, and embodied genius in the world.  That benefits us all.

What are the different types of Transmitters? Well, inside my Genius Revealer mini course, thousands of Transmitters have discovered their secondary Soul Gift, and therefore their Right Role. For example, Transmitters who have a secondary Soul Gift of Messenger equate to being an Oracle in the Soul Gift system. And Oracle types tend to teach, write, and channel.  But it is not their words that carry the depth of their transmission. It is the energy underneath their words. Their words are often like poetry, carrying the spirit of the true value that emanate through the words.

As you can imagine, there are more types of Right Role that each Transmitter can embody based on their secondary Soul Gift type, whether that is Creator, Explorer, Researcher, or Messenger.  And some transmitters have the secondary type of Transmitter! This makes them a double Transmitter, which corresponds with the role of the Healer. Sometimes I call these folks “Super Transmitters” because they are deeply sensitive, refined beings, who have a buzzing energy that exudes from them every minute of every day. They are so sensitive that they can often feel the emotions and disharmonies of the people around them wherever they go.  And their sensitivity gives them access to manipulate the energies to bring balance or an upleveling to other people.

There is another type of transmitter that I have only spoken about in certain circles. I think it’s time to talk about them now. I’m referring to a transmitter type I call the “Walking Taras.“

I have noticed a certain subset of female-bodied transmitters, who seem to be carrying the essence of a particular divine feminine frequency from very early in life. I mean, quite literally, that they are sensitive and empathic Transmitters, who are also sharing their body with a potent goddess energy.  Now, my old lawyer self flinches at how woo this sounds.  But I can feel it as a palpable experience, and I want to express it to you, to see if you’ve noticed this too.

First, I want to tell you the story of how I came to name them this way. The name “Walking Tara“ comes from a story that my teacher Beatrex Quntanna told me about the Buddhist legend that the world would transform and change when 108 Taras walked the face of the planet again. You have to know that the Tara is a divine feminine form of the Buddha. And the number 108 is a magical number that can mean a lot of things.  So that prophesy seems to indicate that when there are enough Taras embodied on the planet, it will shift the global energetic landscape.

Now let’s talk about the women I’m labeling with this term – Walking Tara. I’ve come to believe that some female Transmitters are carrying within them the energy of a specific Tara, or goddess energy. And it is hard. It is difficult and tricky and strange in our culture for a girl and then a woman to be carrying that much energy. It is as if a Goddess power is inside of her, walking with her, every moment.

There are some unique commonalities among these women. When the Walking Tara person is young, grown-ups feel her “extra” energy, and they don’t know what to do with it. She has a magnetism and a radiant beauty that is uncommon. People mistakenly project on her that it is arrogance, or scary, or sexual. They call her an “old soul.” 

People often project on her all kinds of things. And frankly, they are very tempted to try to steal her energy. They want her around them all the time. They try to control who she sees, and who her energy is shared with. It is unfortunate that our culture has become so tweaked that when we meet a young one full of power, we want to own her, control her, and feed from her. And I’m not even talking about full on child trafficking and all that right now. I’m talking about “normal” families too, and people living in a culture where feminine power is immediately equated with danger, arrogance, and sexuality.

Walking Tara transmitters are often subjected to manipulation and abuse as they grow up. And yet they’re incredibly strong, and often have a certain uncanny magnetism and resilience.

As they reach their 20s, sometimes they might find a romantic partner who protects them, and gives them a safe space to take care of themselves and radiate their light. Sometimes they become hardened and vigilant, and sometimes they collapse into the manipulations and ownership of others. It is a rough road. It is challenging.

For the Walking Taras who managed to remain intact energetically, self responsible, and still sensitive, by the time they reach their Saturn return at about 30 to 32 years old, these women are potent natural leaders. Their intrinsic magic begins to integrate and become one with their personalities. With any luck, they are able to establish a business or path that allows them to give their gifts while being respected and renumerated.  Hopefully they find a community that appreciates the depth and potency of what comes through them.

There have been many times when I am out and about in the world, when I suddenly meet a Walking Tara. I recognize it from her emanation, her frequency of energy, the field around her as well as her appearance. I approach with reverence, introduce myself, and ask permission to acknowledge something deep and unusual in her before acknowledging her for what she truly is. I tell her what I have told you here, and I express my wholehearted gratitude to her for walking this path, for surviving whatever she got through, and for walking amongst us now.

I do believe that Transmitters, including Walking Taras, are benefiting all of us every moment of every day of their lives. Their energies are helping to evolve and heal us as we change the world.

And yes, ALL Soul Gift types are equally important to our game here on this planet. No one person is more important than another. So please do not receive this information to say that certain types, like Walking Taras, are more important than the rest. That’s just not how it works. but I am here to speak up about the hidden differences that do matter.

I think it’s imperative that we learn how to respect and honor all of our Soul Gifts.  That’s why I created the Soul Gift system as one translation for the unseen stuff that matters.  That’s why I am pleased that the tens of thousands of people who’ve taken the Soul Gift Quiz often write back or comment, letting me know that even this simple quiz is deeply acknowledging them in a way that feeds their souls.

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Mellissa was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  Now she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence. Creative designers, Fortune 500 executives, and thought leaders hire her to teach them how to Channel their Genius – to create on demand, to stay in their flow state, and to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

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  • Jacqueline says:

    Hi Mellissa, I took the soul gift quiz and I am a transmitter.. Thank you for the soul gift system much love Jacqueline

  • Tiziana Amagda says:

    Hi Mellissa, I found this article fantastic, and explaining a lot of things. I am a Transmitter (I took your quiz some years ago, and twice, so I am sure I am a Transmitter) but I don’t know my secondary gift. And I know a Walking Tara. She doesn’t speak English, so she have never taken your quiz, but I know for sure she is a Walking Tara. And I think she knows too. She is a Spiritual Coach and some years ago found the way to make money with her gifts. I still cannot. I tried, but I simply don’t fit in. And the place where I live has an ugly energy sucking all my life force. And the situation worsened at the beginning of July because of work in progress in an apartment at under floor. In the last weeks I fleed several times to mum’s home, but I need my spaces and times alone during the day (and I am single too) and mum’s house is too small for two unmarried people (dad died from a quick illness on November 4th 2022).

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